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"Have we met?" Answer: a right hook! Because Bryony Morgan pulls no punches. Even when she's very pregnant and facing down the father of her unborn child. She fell for wealthy hotelier Rafael de Luca when he courted her for her beachfront real estate. Then he disappeared. Now, she's in New York for answers--and she won't accept a brush-off.But selective amnesia after a cra"Have we met?" Answer: a right hook! Because Bryony Morgan pulls no punches. Even when she's very pregnant and facing down the father of her unborn child. She fell for wealthy hotelier Rafael de Luca when he courted her for her beachfront real estate. Then he disappeared. Now, she's in New York for answers--and she won't accept a brush-off.But selective amnesia after a crash has Rafael puzzled. How could he ever forget a combustible beauty like Bryony? Solution: return to the island where they met, and relive the unforgettable nights in question--until he remembers everything......

Title : Enticed by His Forgotten Lover
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Enticed by His Forgotten Lover Reviews

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    2020-01-22 19:54

    Enticed by His Forgotten Lover is the first book in the Pregnancy & Passion series, and while I can't say I'm a huge fan of Maya Banks’ books, this one is definitely a hit! It’s a heartwarming tale about what happens when a man gets a second chance and is willing to do whatever he has to, to have a future with the one person in this world who makes him feel things he’s never felt before – true, passionate, soul deep love, and the need to be a better man. And despite the fact that the writing isn't flawless, and even though this is a storyline that's been done again and again, I really enjoyed the setting and the characters in this book. The bottom line - Enticed by His Forgotten Lover is a fun, romantic and sexy story about forgetting, forgiving, letting go and moving forward, and I will definitely be looking for more by Ms. Banks in the Pregnancy & Passion series!

  • Sammy Loves Books
    2020-02-15 18:47

    I just popped my Maya Banks Cherry!This one gets 4 "pregnancy and passion" starsRafael de LucaRafael is a business tycoon looking to acquire beachfront property. His investors are lined up and he intends to build a swanky beachfront resort. The land owners of the island have refused to sell to investors. They like their quiet quaint oasis. But Rafael won't be dissuaded. He just needs to convince someone to sell, and everyone has a price. BryonyBryony is pissed!! How dare the man she love treat her like this! She gave him her trust and she now carries his child. Does he really expect her to believe that he has amnesia? Rafael may have amnesia, but he is sure of two things. Bryony is pregnant, and his blood boils for her. All he wants to do is lose himself in her body and her beauty. But he doesn't remember falling in love with her. This was such an adorable story. I loved watching these two fall in love for a second time. Bryony was such a free spirit and a very likable character. Rafael was endearing and sexy. These two make a sweet and spicy love story. I believe this book is part of a series but it makes a great stand alone read.

  • Karla
    2020-01-24 22:11

    OMG, I am not going to waste any more time on this overstuffed-with-clichés piece o' crap book than I already have by reading it. But I will anyway since my ass is parked on the sofa and I don't have my next book at hand.Boring. Dull. Unbelievably trite and clichéd down to the dialogue. If you were to write a "Rich Asshole Knocks Up Sweet Thing" romance with every clichéd turn of phrase you could recall, then you'd have this little gem by Maya Banks.The future series bait was obvious and lame. Let's see our cast and premises for the next 3 books!The plot... What plot?The characters were defined by a couple personal gestures (namely eye-rolling and running a hand through their hair) and it quickly annoyed the fuck outta me.The ending...I have no idea. I was skimming and brain-dead by that point. I honestly don't bloody care.Not stupidly entertaining, just stupidly boring. Worst sin EVAR for a book. Not going to bother with this author ever again. Why she's so friggin' popular is a mystery. Oh yeah, it was that brother gang-bang erotica she wrote. Will I read that one? Not making any promises, but I have a feeling that Lora Leigh is where the truly entertainingly smutty crackaliciousness is, not Maya Banks. The writing here was like a limp dishrag, barely had enough spark to light up a gnat's ass.Blah.

  • willaful
    2020-02-06 20:01

    4.5 stars. I’m more of a Presents gal than Desires, but it’s hard to go wrong with an amnesiac starchy hero. And indeed, except for a few oddly constructed sentences, there’s not a thing wrong with this story.Still suffering from memory loss after an accident, Rafael is shocked when Bryony -- a woman most definitely not his type -- claims that during his missing weeks they fell in love and she’s now pregnant with his child. Almost more shocking for the workaholic Rafael is her claim that he was a relaxed, fun loving person while with her -- and that he promised not to develop the land he purchased from her. At first completely disbelieving, Rafael comes to see how much the situation is hurting Bryony and decides he needs to spend more time with her and see if his memory will return. I don’t want to say anything more about the plot, except how much I enjoyed its originality and emotional punch.Bryony, quickly established as no doormat -- when Rafael asks her, “have we met?” she nails him with a right hook -- is a straightforward and sympathetic character, suffering tremendously as she realizes that not only does the man she loves no longer love her, he doesn’t particularly want to. And Rafael undergoes a gratifying change from his callous businessman identity, as he grows to love Bryony and love the idea of becoming a father.Banks is mostly known for writing erotica, but though there are some steamy scenes, the essence of this story is classic romance: thrilling, heartbreaking and ultimately satisfying.(reviewed from e-Arc provided by netGalley.)

  • boogenhagen
    2020-02-09 01:04

    I just don't buy Rafe's transformation. He is a jerk with the emotional maturity of a 12 year old. The writing is very good and Bryony is a great heroine except she keeps going back to idiot Rafe when she should have just cut her losses. I think that is the problem I have with MB's category. Her heroines are outstanding but her heros just never measure up. Sure they are sorry, eventually, but compared to the trials the heroines go through, they just have no depth and I can't find any empathy for them. I love angst, but I want equal angst. If there is going to be severe trials and tribulations I want each partner to have to go through it. If suffering makes character the heroines have it in spades and the hero's need to get some. Srsly, I was so irritated by the end of this, I wanted Byrony to be with anybody else and Rafe to be a bankrupt bum. From now on I think I will stick with MB's erotica which IMO has more balanced characters.

  • Mou
    2020-01-25 00:47

    This book was “neither very good nor very bad” for me. I liked Maya bank’s writing. An amnesia, Pregnancy, lies most of the typical HP ingredients were there. I liked Bryony very much, can’t say same about Rafe. He changed and make it up for Byron so at the end It was ok. But, It’s kind of cheesy that how a plane crash transforms a Whole person. Previously he was a bastard after the plane crash he became a lovey-dovey hero. 😜 I say we need more Plane crash for this Asshats. 🤣

  • Saly
    2020-02-11 23:03

    Rating 4.5I enjoy the Desires Maya Banks writes, they are full of passion, drama and grovelling and characters especially heroines who have a backbone and can verbally spar with the best of them, Enticed by His Forgotten Lover was no less with the hero Rafael who has lost one month of memory and the ability to recognize some people, so when he sees a woman shooting visual daggers at him and asks who she is he gets a punch and then finds out she's pregnant.Bryony tells him that he's the father, that he spent a month with her, bought her land, promised her not to make a resort and that he loved her. Rafael can't believe it because whatever she shares about him sounds opposite to the stuffy man he is. He can't imagine wearing casual wear, strolling on the beach, let alone falling in love with someone who he says is not his type. Bryony is angry and hurt. She had reconciled herself to the fact that he betrayed her but finding out he has forgotten about her due to his crash offers her hope and makes her sad as well. Rafe offers to go back to the place where it all started in order to remember, and there he becomes a better person who believes that Bryony and the baby she is carrying is his.He leaves for some work and then remembers everything of how he was a selfish jerk, a cad who used her and he hates himself and fears losing the woman who is now his life.I loved the whole drama in the book, it was really enjoyable.I am curious about Ryan's book the most now.

  • ɴΘεɱí
    2020-01-23 21:48

    Sinceramente empezó más o menos bien, pero ha sido un poco flojo. Me esperaba más, sobre todo por que la autora me gusta mucho. Era una historia corta, pero ha sido todo muy rápido.seguiré leyendo por que es una serie y quiero ver si los demás libros están mejor

  • Dee
    2020-02-04 17:54

    Ms Banks is a solid writer and you can pretty guarantee that her works will be well written and interesting and in usual fashion this one didn't disappoint!Ok we have definately read the plot line many times as it is very much a Harlequin favourite but Ms Banks' spin and talent makes it different. I laughed at the beginning when the h punched the H when he asked if they had previously met. In my opinion he got off light - if that had been me I would have followed that punch with a short sharp kick in a particular region!Bryony is a lovely and gentle person who forgives Rafe when he tells her he has amnesia. She continues to love and support him whilst he is trying to regain his memory. There is a final twist that makes you think wow I wasn't expecting that!Good foundations are laid for Ryans, Cam's & Devon's stories and I am looking forward to reading them.

  • Holly
    2020-01-29 01:52

    You know the story, boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy gets girl pregnant, boy gets amnesia.....But seriously, that is the exact premise of this book and as soap opera corny as that may sound this was actually a really good book!! Maya Banks has never let me down and this is no exception. Rafe and Bryony spend a wonderful four weeks falling in love on the island where she lives and when Rafe attempts to return to New York to attend to some business he has an accident and wakes with amnesia and absolutely no memory of his time on the island or Bryony. So, imagine his surprise when a hopping mad, very pregnant Bryony shows up demanding WTF!! Even though Rafe doesn't remember her he can't deny the spark between them and decides that they should return to the island to retrace their steps, in a way and possibly fall in love all over again. I spent most of this book aching for one or the other of these characters, you could just feel their hurt and confusion~~ But, have no fear, there is always a HEA!! I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book and find myself happily awaiting the arrival of the others in this series!!**This book was provided to me as and ARC by Netgalley!

  • Booklover
    2020-01-28 00:58

    Absolutely loved the book,Rafeal-Bryony both are perfect match for each other,really felt bad for Bryony her pain-fear both touched my heart,Rafeal he used Bryony but fate gave him second chance to win such a wonderful sweet caring person who can change him for good and make him happy,loved Laura a lot such a adorable lady and also liked the drama that was in the storyWhat Rafeal did was really unforgivable but cause he was so ashamed and guilty and even he was so disappointed by himself how can he do this and way he wanted to make up and never let Bryony go he just wanted a chance to make it right,he did make everything right and won Bryony and her trust and love backI am eagerly waiting for Ryan,Cam and Devon's story,we got glimpse of what is the issue between Ryan and his ex-fiance Kelly i am so waiting for their book Good readRecommend it

  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    2020-01-31 22:07

    A quick read. One of the better category romances that I've read. Rafael, the hero, has amnesia. He cannot remember a month of his life from about 4 months before, due to a plane crash. He is at a party when a woman is staring at him and he makes the mistake of going up to her and ask "Have we met?". Well, we learn that Rafe has been busy and is going to be a father soon. Things are a bit predictable in how it turns out but I was a little surprise at certain events.

  • ☂ ℬrandi
    2020-02-02 19:01

    3.5 (rated slightly less generously but only because of the length)I am quite pleasantly surprised. This is my first Harlequin and to be honest, I was expecting a lot of cheese. I anticipate good things from Maya Banks but for many readers Harlequin earns the (undeserved) perception of being trite, cliched and inferior. {Maybe that was only my perception?} Sure, this book is only 186 pages so one can't expect the sort of character and plot development you'd find in 350+ pages; there is a degree of overly-sentimental dialogue, a tiny bit of rushing the plot near the resolution and a somewhat implausible scenario but all of that is quickly overlooked by the unexpected quality. The story flows well, writing is good, characters' intentions are clearly displayed with just enough mystery and you are introduced to the other three characters (Dev, Cam and Ryan) whose stories are to follow in this series. The H/h (Rafael and Bryony) are likeable or redeemable and there are some entertaining minor characters (like Mamaw - though I had a hard time saying that word in my head even though I've heard it a million times). The conflict was a great blindside for me, the resolution was a bit too swift but I maintain that you don't need the depth of details, plot or characters in this kind of book and especially in a story where amnesia is at play. There was a good deal of emotion toward the end. I cried, which isn't unusual, but again I didn't expect to care so much. Overall it was a fast, uncomplicated but not simplistic read and just deep enough that I'm eager to read the next 3 books. Maya Banks is great so I give her a lot of credit for my opinion of this book but now having tested the waters I'll no longer shy away from the Harlequin section.

  • Shari
    2020-02-08 22:07

    I won this book on Twitter and thought it looked like a good book to read on a Saturday afternoon. My review will be honest based on how I felt about the book, not how I felt about winning it.So what happens when a wealthy hotelier, Rafael de Luca, looks at Bryony Morgan and asks, “Have we met?” A right hook comes flying at your face! Bryony, pregnant with Rafael’s baby, has come to confront the man she loves for loving and leaving her. The problem: Rafael was in a plane crash and has short-term amnesia, not remembering anything from a month before the accident. Now Rafael really has a reason to remember, but what will he remember?Enticed was a fun quick read. Rafael and Bryony have to go back to finding out if they love each other and if the weeks they spent together was really real. Bryony never has fallen out of love with Rafael, but did Rafael ever love her? Rafael has such a hard time believing he was the sweet, caring man she fell in love with since he knows he is a ruthless bastard. The story keeps you guessing as to if he played her for the land she was selling or if he really did fall for her and the accident delayed them meeting.While it wasn’t a deep story, it was engaging, sweet, heartfelt and sometimes disheartening all in one book. This series is a cute relief to some bigger series. So if you are looking for a quick afternoon story, this is a good book to pick.

  • Heather
    2020-02-13 18:53

    While the premise of Maya Banks latest has been done before – he falls in love, fathers a child, and forgets it all - her writing was fresh, and I loved the hero and heroine. Rafael meets Bryony when he’s trying to convince her to sell the land so that he and his corporate BFF’s can raise a hotel. Bryony gets him to loosen up, and falls in love with him. Hurt in an accident, he’s lost his memory and when confronted by her at a party, forces her to confess her relationship to him. There were some big plot twists concerning his relationship that quite surprised me, but with their rediscovery, I felt that Bryony was able to see more of Rafael’s “true” self. I appreciated that Banks didn’t force the reader through a long period of anger on Bryony’s part when he can’t remember her; instead, she acknowledges that his story is plausible and goes about accepting that and figuring out how to move forward. It was rational, mature way to deal and that’s not something that often happens in series titles. At the same time, you get Rafael’s confusion over his behavior on the island; he can’t understand how he could be the man that Bryony shares, and it was great to follow his progression (again) towards the more relaxed, caring man that Bryony felt him to be. If you haven’t read Maya Banks before, this is a great start and gives you a sense of her writing style. If you have, you won’t be disappointed by her latest – I can’t wait for the next in this series!

  • Splage
    2020-01-23 00:00

    This was actually a mistake read for me, I don't usually read the short Harlequins because I feel like I get cheated out the length, detail of the story and especially the conclusion always happens too fast. I guess I just ordered this off of PBS because I like the author and her style. I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the whole thing; story line, characters, love connection. There was even a twist towards the end that I was a little surprised about, but the best was the right hook at the very beginning when Raphael asked Bryony, "Have we met?" kind of girl. It was still short at 180 pages, with 1 good love scene, but if you like this style book I would definitely recommend this one.

  • Lindsay
    2020-01-30 01:58

    I always seem to forget how much I love Maya Banks until I pick up one of her books. She is an amazing author and I have loved everything I've read by her. This book was no exception. I'm just sorry that I didn't read it as soon as I bought it. I can't wait to read the other three books in this series.

  • Jenny
    2020-01-31 22:59

    [email protected]%! So boring!

  • Desi
    2020-02-02 23:58

    Leído el 01/09/2012Good, good, good!!

  • Lisa
    2020-02-09 01:45

    I’m afraid this book just didn’t work for me. I just didn’t believe the HEA at the end, and for a romance novel, that’s pretty much the death knell. But in addition to that, there were a lot of plot inconsistencies that kept me from becoming immersed in the story.(view spoiler)[The book opens with our hero, Rafe, at a business soiree and lamenting the fact that he lost 1 month of his memory in a plane crash 4 months prior. Right from the get-go we have some serious inconsistencies in this whole amnesia plot. Supposedly Rafe is only missing these 4 weeks of his memory, but throughout the book he makes frequent comments that indicate that he doesn’t know himself at all and needs other people to explain who he used to be. For example, in the beginning his inner monologue talks about how “he’s been told” that he prefers blond-haired, blue-eyed, passive doormats for his women, and then follows up this thought with the statement that this makes him sound like kind of a [email protected] He’s saying this as if he himself has no memory of his preferences in women prior to the accident and now finds his mysterious former self to be distasteful. Except that he should totally remember and still feel like this IS his taste in women because it’s who he’s been his whole life and has nothing whatsoever to do with the missing 4 weeks.Toward the end of the story, he’s having a conversation with one of his friends who explains that Rafe was always the guy who ruthlessly did whatever was necessary to close a business deal, regardless of whether it was unethical and with no regard for who might get hurt in the process. Rafe says “you make it sound like I was a total bastard,” again, as if he himself had no memory of his behavior prior to the accident. So yeah, the amnesia plot was very poorly handled and that’s part of why I don’t believe the HEA. In order to believe it, you have to accept that Rafe is a completely changed person. That might have been believable if his entire memory had been wiped so that at the start of the book he was a complete blank slate and grew into a decent hero from there, but his transformation doesn’t make sense when his amnesia supposedly only affects the 4 weeks. He’s not a blank slate at the start, he should still totally be the bastard he’s always been, but instead we’re presented with this halfway decent guy who tries to do the right thing. It just doesn’t make sense.Okay so moving on with the story, Bryony shows up at the party to confront him for seducing and impregnating her and convincing her to sell a piece of land to him. He’d verbally promised not to develop it when she sold it to him but now it was being turned into a resort. He doesn’t recognize her at all and she ends up punching him for what she thinks is his callousness. It’s quickly established that Rafe doesn’t remember Bryony or his time on the island with her and he finds her story that they fell in love very hard to believe because it doesn’t tally with who he is (or who he’s told he was). Rafe’s friends, who are all being set up for books of their own, all suggest that Bryony is lying for some ulterior motive and that the baby probably isn’t even his. None of this makes much sense. For starters, no one, not Rafe's friends nor his employees nor Rafe himself, seems to know where he was during the missing four weeks. How can that possibly be? He was still in contact with everyone while he was there, so how could absolutely no one know where he was? This island is off the coast of Texas, not some isolated tropical locale with no means of communication for heaven’s sake. I just didn't buy it. And second of all, we're expected to believe that Rafe woke up after the plane crash (in which he had no apparent physical injuries, yeah right), not knowing where he'd been the last 4 weeks, but when he saw that he had the signed contract selling him the land, he figured he'd been brokering that sale so he could build his resort. So let's think about this a second. He's seen this contract, but didn't read the name of the seller?? GTFOOH! It just doesn't make sense that he has absolutely no clue who Bryony is when she shows up. Nor that he's gone the last 4 months without taking steps to track down where he'd been. He's richer than God so he's got plenty of money to hire a PI to investigate where he'd been. It wouldn't have even been difficult! Heck, his driver picked him up from Bryony's house and drove him to the airport! I just didn't believe any of this.But anyway, Rafe doesn't remember Bryony at all. Like, not at ALL. There's absolutely nothing when he looks at her. No feeling of intense yearning or inexplicable spark of desire. Her scent doesn't tantalize him, etc. Nothing. This was seriously unromantic. And yet, right from the start he's being amazingly protective and understanding toward her. Despite the fact that he remembers himself as being a total bastard prior to the missing 4 weeks, he still takes her explanation of what happened and more or less believes it right away. He even defies his rather jerky friends and agrees to go to the island with Bryony to try to regain his memory, concerned about this verbal promise she says he made. This doesn't make sense. Since he can't remember loving her, he's back to the asshole he was before the accident, so that guy shouldn't have given a damn what promises he may or may not have made her. Again, if he'd been missing a lot more than 4 weeks of memory, this would have made sense. If he’d been "rebooted" by the accident and a natural sense of goodness and fair play made him want to investigate the veracity of her claims so he could keep his word, that I would have believed. But he has NOT been rebooted. He's still exactly the same dick he’s always been, or at least, he's supposed to be, according to the world building. And as a dick, he shouldn't care whether he was breaking his word to her or not. He's also surprisingly chill about the baby. Never once considering that she may have gotten pregnant on purpose to trap him into marriage or a huge payoff because he's rich. It really just doesn't wash.So they head back to the island and things move very slowly. There's hardly anything happening. It's just a lot of hanging out and talking about their feelings before eventually sleeping together. The sex is off-the-charts, of course, and Bryony tells Rafe it's because they're "making love" rather than having sex. Bryony was okayish as the heroine. In the beginning she had a lot of vinegar and there were some good scenes with her explaining how hard it was to be in her position. That she'd thought he had played her the first time, by seducing her into selling him her land, only to disappear from her life and not call. But that now she knew he'd lost his memory, she had to try to set aside that anger and believe that it wasn't his fault. But at the same time, he didn't remember loving her so it was kind of like starting over with a stranger. All very tumultuous and I thought her angst over it was believable. However, she fell right back under Rafe's spell incredibly quickly and that was kind of lame.Anyway, after a week, ONE WEEK, Rafe has totally fallen in love with her and is ready to marry her. They're super lovey dovey and he heads back to New York to try to sort out what's to be done about the resort land. And after having not even the slightest stirring of memory about the missing 4 weeks throughout all his time reconnecting with Bryony, he talks to one of his friends who recounts a conversation they had just before his accident and a single very innocuous sentence suddenly and plot-conveniently makes Rafe remember everything. Very unbelievable and totally a WTH moment when you have to wonder why this friend never thought to mention this conversation before now.The big "twist" that was telegraphed throughout the whole book is that Rafe is the lowest scum of the earth and really did seduce Bryony just to swindle her out of the land. The whole time she was giving him her heart and he was sleeping with her, he was totally acting and laughing at her gullibility. He very deliberately DID promise not to develop the land because he knew she wouldn't sell to him otherwise, but made sure that it wasn't put into the contract he had her sign so it wouldn't be legally binding. And though Bryony noticed this fact, she loved and trusted him completely so she didn't force the issue, which is exactly what Rafe had wanted. When he left her that day, swearing blind that he loved and would marry her, it was with the full intention of never seeing or speaking to her again. He didn't even have the decency to break up with her before he left. He was just going to ghost her. So Rafe was an utterly heartless, bottom feeding, disgusting pig and not the least bit ashamed of himself. On the contrary, he was exulted that he'd "won" and gotten what he wanted. He even referred to what he'd done as being "worth the sacrifice," like it had somehow been a sacrifice for HIM to heartlessly seduce an innocent girl.But, we're supposed to believe that now, after one week with Bryony in present day, he's totally fallen in love with her for realsies and is disgusted by what a horrible person he used to be. Again, this just doesn't make sense. Before his accident he had been this disgusting pig of a man who was totally capable and willing to do this horrible thing. So after he loses the 4 weeks, he should still be that guy because that's who he is! So if 4 weeks of being with Bryony and sleeping with her round the clock didn't make that pig of guy actually fall in love with her, how can we possibly believe that a single week together somehow made his black heart grow three sizes? It just doesn't work.Maybe if when Rafe recovered his memory he remembered that as his plane was crashing, he’d had that “a-ha!” moment of clarity that had made him realize what a horrible person he was and regret his treatment of Bryony I could have bought his transformation. Or if the accident itself had shaken him so much that in the four months since he’d turned into a much nicer person who wanted to do the right thing instead of being such a bastard all the time, then I could have believed it, but that didn’t happen. We’re not given any legitimate reasons why Rafe would be so different from how he was the first time around with Bryony. So the whole house of cards just collapses at the end.Naturally Bryony overhears Rafe confessing his crimes to one of his friends so she's devastated all over again. His jerk friends, who had been totally against Bryony the whole time and pressuring Rafe to get on with building the resort, now do a complete 180, say to hell with the deal and urge him to go after her. He goes to her island and she ignores him for a week straight. Then someone gives him a "go big or go home" speech and Rafe calls a town meeting and declares in front of everyone that he loves her and wants to marry her. That's all it takes for Bryony to give him a 3rd chance to rip her heart out. The End.I totally didn't believe the HEA. I didn't believe that Rafe could possibly love her for real after 1 week when 4 weeks hadn't done it before. And it wasn't just that he hadn't been in love with her after those 4 weeks, he’d felt absolutely no warmth toward her whatsoever. He was LAUGHING at her behind her back for being stupid enough to fall for his tricks. I just can't believe that anyone who is cruel enough to do this without regret could possibly fall in love in one week with the same woman. Again, if his entire memory had been lost, then I would have bought it, but it wasn't, so this is just BS. And his apology at the end was super lame and her forgiveness way too easy.Oh and it really bugged me that Rafe had no reason for being such an @sshole. The author made it a point to tell us that he'd never been abused or mistreated or even been through any bad breakups in his life. Nothing bad had ever happened to turn him into such a heartless sociopath. That was just who he chose to be. No. I'm sorry, I can NOT root for a hero like that. (hide spoiler)]So, all in all, I hated the hero in this one and the inconsistencies in the amnesia caused a lot of problems with the plot. I can't even rate this as a "be happy that the heroine is happy" book because the douchebag she's marrying is the lowest scum of the earth.

  • Jess the Romanceaholic
    2020-01-24 00:06

    This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: September 13, 2011Publisher: HarlequinImprint: Harelquin DesireAuthor’s Website: Source for This Book: NetgalleyPart of a Series: Yes, Book 1, Pregnancy & PassionSeries Best Read In Order: N/ASteam Level: SteamyBryony Morgan has come to New York to confront the lowlife businessman who lied to her, seduced her, and then abandoned her, leaving her pregnant with his child. Spotting him at a social event, she's prepared for anything -- except for the cad to pretend that they've never met!Rafe de Luca has been suffering from selective amnesia ever since his private plane crashed returning to New York after landing the business deal of the year. Unable to remember a month-long period of his life, his doctors are baffled, and insist that there is a psychological reason behind his amnesia rather than a physical one, but regardless of the cause, he can't let investors get wind of his condition without risking their support.When he spots the lovely Bryony at a party for his investors, he tries out his most charming smile on her, only to receive a punch in the face for his efforts!Now faced with a woman who claims not only did he promise that he would not develop the island property he purchased from her -- an action that is so out of character that it might as well be impossible, but that he is also the father of her unborn baby!Determined to get to the bottom of his seemingly inexplicable behavior, Rafe accompanies Bryony to the island in question to see if anything can spark his memory, but that's not the only thing sparking between him. Unable to resist the crackling chemistry between her and the man she still loves -- the man who claims to remember nothing about their time together -- Bryony is determined that even if Rafe never regains his memory, she will make him fall in love with her again...While a bit short for my tastes, this book had several of my favorite things in category romance -- amnesia, a forgotten woman whom the hero got pregnant during the time he's forgotten, betrayal, and of course, incredible chemistry.Rafe also makes a wonderful groveling hero, and his grand gesture was not to be missed.Overall, this one was definitely a solid entry into the Harlequin Desire line. With just the right amount of angst and sensuality, this book would be a perfect fast read for those in need of a quick love story.3.5/5 Stars

  • CC
    2020-02-15 19:12

    This was an interesting re-read for me. I read it a couple of years ago and vaguely remembered the plot so I knew what I was getting into. I like this author and wanted to see how I would react to this book after a couple of years of becoming a lot more picky about what I read.On the surface, this is a fairly easy read. Pretty simple plot. But then something happens and your heart falls into your stomach. This book presents a Hero that causes so many emotions and wide swings from love to hate, that I have to respect the author for creating him. The heroine is likable, somewhat naïve, but a good person.I like that after reading it, I still wonder if I could make the same decision. Could I move forward? I KNOW I would have been more violent - that is for certain! (view spoiler)[ Is this much better than cheating in the ranking of horrible things to do to someone? (hide spoiler)]I previously rated this 4 stars and thought about taking it down to 3 stars because I am still mad at the hero. However, it is a book that I remembered and eventually read again; so I think I will leave it at 4 stars. Safety Gang Safe

  • Dianne
    2020-01-22 22:44

    4.25. Sometimes I'm such a sucker for Harlequin romances! They are just so romantic and sweet. This wasn't any different. I love Bryony (I had no clue if I'm saying this correctly but it sounds pretty in my head lol). I do wish the story was a bit more developed but still adorable in my book! :)

  • Shawna
    2020-01-22 22:49

    4 stars – Contemporary Romance

  • Hollie Gillick
    2020-02-16 20:58

    No No No No No.This book was so bad I wanted to throw it a wall.I recommend you run as far as possible from this book and don't look back

  • Amafle
    2020-01-27 18:43

    Muy buena historia

  • Sara
    2020-01-25 19:47

    First off I have to say I had a hard time swallowing the concept of a hidden pregnancy and amnesia. Bryony kept said pregnancy a secret because when Rafe left her island home he promised to come back to her. And Rafe never called, texted, or returned because he had amnesia. Rafe suffers from short-term amnesia, meaning he’s only forgotten the last 4 months or so of his life rather than the whole thing. Conveniently, the only space of time he’s known Bryony. Did I mention the amnesia occurred because of his plane crashing on his way back to New York from Bryony’s island home. No need to worry, mere months later Rafe only suffers from amnesia…no major physical injury attained during the PLANE CRASH.This is where I have to remember that I read, only a month ago, a story in which a time traveling Scottish Laird saves a woman and baby in a plane crash (no injury sustained) with only the sheer power of his arms. This is only one of the major tragic events that befall this couple within their single week together – falling in love. I thought it helped support their instalove. I must give Bryony and Rafe a little leeway…Maybe if one of them was a magical time traveler?…But back to the story. I think I’m torn because:A. This is actually not the weirdest romance plot I’ve ever come across…contemp or otherwise, so why can’t I let these dramatic plot points go?B. The author has a good base for a story. The character motivations are clear and understandable.I think for the amnesia to have worked for me the author needed to take it further. Rafe openly admits he thinks it’s a little ridiculous that he suffers from the ailment. But he fails to remember Bryony in any way. No smell recognition (perfume, hair, etc.), no touch recognition, no “feeling in the bones”, nothing. Yet, the author makes Rafe instantly protective of her. It just didn’t fit. You can’t say you have no connection to someone then play the “instinctively protective” card and the “no connection” card at the same time. Further, to start the book with a prologue of time on the island…or the plane crash…Bryony waiting by the phone. Giving the reader some basis for their relationship would have been extremely helpful from a plot point of view. I do realize that later in the book things turn out differently than we expect, but I still think a prologue could have been done.This lack of prepping the reader for major plot points continued throughout the book. It was as if the plot was nothing but major scenes with none of the downtime to develop emotions or deeper understanding of the characters. This disappointed me because in all honesty as wild as the plot sounds Banks really could have made it work. The plot points were there, character motivation was good she just didn’t have the finer details down.The strongest relationship in the whole book was Bryony and her grandmother. There was smooth dialogue and genuine warm feelings between the two. Rafe and Bryony were a rushed romance…which you think makes sense because of the whole amnesia thing…but then the ending kinda blows that theory out of the water and you’re left scratching your head as to how they fell in love so quickly…But…If I take this book with a grain of salt (as is my vow in this experiment) it was an easy evening of reading. At less than 200 pages I was on a roller coaster of pleasant trashiness. And one to be honest, I enjoyed enough to continue on with the series. It really is Banks’ ability to create a solid story idea – even if the execution fails a bit – that is deliciously trope filled. It’s like watching day-time reality tv. Pretty rough, but I dare you to look away.Rating: 2.5/5 You can’t possibly refuse a few short hours of your day to a title like Enticed by his Forgotten Lover…you know you gotta read it.

  • RLA
    2020-01-23 00:02

    The hero Rafe is trying to go about his life business as usual without any of his business associates realising that his recent plane crash has left him with amnesia for the preceding months. During a business gathering he is approached by the heroine Bryony, and left stunned when her response to his query whether he knows her or not is a punch to the face. Bryony is upset to learn about Rafe's condition, especially that the time he has lost is the time he spent with her. Rafe doesn't know what to think of Bryony's assertions that they had fallen in love with one another, but he wants to believe her. In hope of regaining his memory, Rafe asks Bryony to take him back to her home, the place they had supposedly fallen in love. Although nothing seems to trigger his memory, Rafe begins to realise that Bryony is very special and he wants to have a future with her and their child regardless of what went on before. But he also can't shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen.I was surprised by how much I liked this story. The amnesia trope is something I wanted to roll my eyes at, but I have to say that this is done very well. I couldn't get enough of the really fun writing style that Maya Bank's has, it has a nice casual style and the dialogue, especially the heroine's, made me smile. This reminded me a little of the older Desire books that are much more down to earth than some of the more recent Desire's have been.The pace and flow of the story is perfect, and the conflict is weaved in very subtly, as I was reading I felt that something wash going to come crashing down at any minute, and that made it very compelling reading.The reasons behind the characters actions are well explained, with plenty of drama (in a good way).This book manages to be both intense and heart warming, I really liked it! I look forward to reading the other books in this mini-series.Originally posted at http://everyday-is-the-same.blogspot....

  • Cocktails and Books
    2020-02-18 02:01

    Rafael de Luca has been trying to get on with his life after surviving a near fatal plane crash four months ago. He's left with one reminder of that crash, the selective amnesia that has left him with a memory gap of the four weeks prior to the accident. So it isn't any surprise when he doesn't recognize the dark haired beauty who comes up to him at a party and then punches him in the face.Bryony Morgan fell for Rafael hook, line and sinker when he came to Moon Island trying to buy the parcel of land she was selling. She believed him when he said he would be back to the island after taking care of business in New York, but was soon devastated when he never returned. When she ended up pregnant, she decides to go to New York to confront Rafael. The last thing she expected was for him to not recognize her.This is a story of second chances and using that second chance to become a better person. Rafael discovers he was a different person in the weeks he spent Bryony. And while he's almost certain he never acted as she says, once he gets to Moon Island with her, he discovers that he likes the person that he is with her. He also discovers that after just a few days, he loves her and wants to have a family with her, even if he can't remember any of their time together.Bryony second chance (or with Rafe, maybe it's more like third chance) is to grab hold and fight for what she loves. She let Rafe go once without a fight, but when he leaves for New York again she decides that she needs to fight for their chance to be together and not get hung up on promises made that he obviously can't remember. When she's once again devastated by Rafe, she grabs hold of the love he displays to her and doesn't let go.Who doesn't enjoy a happy ending? This one gave you that and a little smile when Rafe and Bryony finally got it right.

  • Cecilia
    2020-02-16 00:12

    It's not a horrible book. It's just that it seems so perfunctory. There's limited character development - only enough detail to serve the plot. Nothing non-essential, such as food preferences, feelings about pets, exercise habits, friendships, music tastes - you know, the kind of things that help make a character seem like a person with a life. Characters seem kind of flat with a soupçon of sappiness as a result. The whole plot rushes by, no time for subtle progress. He doesn't know her, inexplicably insists he can't know her (alongside the occasional acknowledgement that he does have amnesia, so there is a reasonable explanation for how it is she seems to know him). Then he decides to go along with whatever she's saying. (view spoiler)[Then he's in love. Then he remembers and is ashamed. Then she's devastated. Then he's apologetic and she's unforgiving. Then he makes the grand gesture and is forgiven.(hide spoiler)] Boom boom boom. It's all over. Reading it was like one of those draw-by-numbers pictures. Only lines that help connect dots are there; aside from some sequel bait, nothing else is given that helps to make it feel like a story that naturally arises from character.So, I didn't really enjoy it, but gave it a 'ok, it's a category, so it's not like the author has a lot of room' rating boost, because there were no truly annoying elements.