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Scottish photographer Aidan MacLeod has always regarded legendary French photographer Jean-Luc Montpluessy as his “mental mentor,” even if the reclusive artist hasn’t been seen in public since 1941. But when Aidan gets the chance to meet the man, Jean-Luc tells him he needs to go back—and presses a ring into Aidan’s hand. Can Aidan remember the life he’s forgotten?...

Title : Love in Focus
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ISBN : 978161372635
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Number of Pages : 45 Pages
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Love in Focus Reviews

  • Serena Yates
    2020-01-07 04:51

    This is an excellent example of a time travel story that is based on fantasy/paranormal effects. And while some people may not like the slight riddle the ending leaves behind – or does it? - I liked that; it fit the whole slightly mysterious but entirely logical plot line. The other aspect I really enjoyed was the slightly snippy tone of the main character and the humor in the way he narrates what happens to him. He reminded me of another one of SA’s books (An Elf for all Centuries), which I totally loved.Aiden is a young photographer, a bit of an impulsive man, who jumps from lover to lover, leaving a trail of failed relationships behind him. He never seems to find what he is looking for. He keeps looking and when he travels to Paris to meet one of his idols, French photographer and recluse, Jean-Luc Montpluessy, or Monty, in 1978, all paranormal hell breaks loose when Monty hands him a mysterious ring. The story gets a little odd from here, but by the end I understood why. A very ingenious solution!This is definitely a story for ‘advanced time travel aficionados’, since much knowledge is presumed already present and a lot of guesswork is left to the reader. There are no clear cut explanations here, which is a marvelous change to so many stories that explain and detail ad nauseam. I have found an entirely logical way to explain what happened – but who is to say it is the correct one? The beauty of this story is that you may read it and come up with something totally different.If you like stories that are part mystery part fun, if you enjoy a puzzle and not being told every step of the solution, and if time travel gives you one of those headaches you don’t know whether to hate or to love, you will probably like this story as much as I did.NOTE: This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

  • Lucy
    2019-12-20 04:04

    Reviewed for Hearts On Fire ReviewsThis time travel entry, part of the Time is Eternal set, showcases the struggling photographer Aiden, who has spent nearly his last dime to attend a lecture given by his idol, the great photographer Jean-Luc. He is so excited to be there, and is hoping for great photos and maybe a back stage pass to his idol. Jean-Luc is 78, but as Aiden says, he knows how to please the older guys. He is dismayed and confused when he does get the big mans attention, but not in the way he had hoped. Instead, at Jean-Lucs request he is thrown out of the lecture and banished from the conference until Jean-Luc has left. He gets a cryptic message, look of sadness and recognition and a ring from the man just before being thrown out. Aiden treats it as a sort of puzzle and is determined to solve it. This is where more of a paranormal or time travel aspect comes in, and where the story lost me a bit. It's good, but things such as Aiden's ex boyfriend Roberts lights just threw me off. There were lines that I loved, "His fingers drifted toward the ring. Aidan grabbed his right hand and yanked it down. Next he’d start slapping his fingers or, better yet, finger wrestling himself. People could place bets on which hand won the contest" or even "His cock hated brushing against the rough old stone" because those evoked such vivid images for me. Aiden seems to know exactly what he's supposed to do to solve it. It's a good story that probably would have been great if longer with plot fill ins and more of a backstory.

  • Morgana
    2019-12-26 21:56

    I hate to do this, I really do, but this story was way too confusing for me to rate it anything but 1 star. I don't know, maybe it's just me, maybe other readers will like it, but I cannot shake off the feeling that something was off here. I didn't get it how Aidan came to be in 1978 in the first place, neither did I get the thing with the ring or the photo. But even that is nothing compared to the ending. Too bizarre. I like it when everything is clear, and here nothing was sufficiently explained. I'm sorry but I cannot recommend this story. It was too weird for my liking. Oh, and one more thing, the overuse of the word 'dearest' in the last scene (twelve times, for Christ's Sake!!!) would make even a saint roll his eyes. I definitely won't be reading this story ever again.

  • OkayKim
    2019-12-20 04:01

    A little confusing in some areas, but I did like how the 2 MC's eventually came together (no pun intended).

  • Missdavis Davis
    2020-01-10 00:04

    How could I resist a short story about photography? Loved the rich detail and the tease.

  • Simsala
    2019-12-31 23:56

    Whacky story, awfully awkward dialogue - well and truly hit rock bottom!

  • France-Andrée
    2019-12-27 23:01

    There was a lot of potential here, but I felt like it wasn't quite realized. The time-traveling twist was semi-original (it did remind me the movie version of Somewhere In Time in the beginning), but I thought that was nicely handled. The rest though felt a little stiffling... the dialogue between the lovers was just unbelievable, like they were talking for posterity and not for each other. I think a shorter story might have been more suited, but I can understand why the author went for a slow realization by Aidan of what he had to do, still it felt too long.

  • Meggie
    2019-12-28 05:56

    This story is confusing. Aidan is a photographer who got lost in time in mysterious ways. Though the whole story he had a deeper need to travels back to Jean-Luc, who is a legendary French photographer. When Aidan returns to Jean-Luc side, he is again back in the past. Really weird short story.

  • Hearts On Fire Reviews
    2019-12-20 00:47

    Reviewed by: Lucy Genre: M/M Time Travel Rated: 3 hearts Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews

  • melek
    2019-12-27 05:51

    aiden is handed an ring from jean luc. After that he keeps having flash back hearing things. Does aiden and jean luc know each other in the past what happened will aiden remember.

  • Nagisa Furukawa
    2019-12-25 22:10

    Um... No?! Well, it took sooooooooo goddamn looooooooong for Aidan to fucking do something!!! I mean, all this delay wasn't really necessary. I got bored after a while. So, no. Not my thing.

  • S.A.
    2020-01-19 23:56

    I am quite fond of this old school romance. Then again writing is about writing for me, not for those who snack on stories.