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Got Demon?Grace does. She’s got more demon than she can saddle. In fact, she’s got a sinfully sexy Crown Prince of Hell named Caspian. She’s also got ten days to get rid of him or Bad Things shall ensue. See, her Russian mobster ex-boyfriend didn’t take kindly to her smutty Mephistophelean contract. It’s not that she’s conspiring with fiends; that was his idea. It’s that sGot Demon?Grace does. She’s got more demon than she can saddle. In fact, she’s got a sinfully sexy Crown Prince of Hell named Caspian. She’s also got ten days to get rid of him or Bad Things shall ensue. See, her Russian mobster ex-boyfriend didn’t take kindly to her smutty Mephistophelean contract. It’s not that she’s conspiring with fiends; that was his idea. It’s that she’s conspiring against him with outrageous devilry that runs the gamut from embarrassing to a dead hooker turned dominatrix demon gunning for his soul.One should never trust demons, let alone shag them. They don’t have hearts. Yet Grace is buying hers some slightly tarnished armor and hoping that once he’s been shoveled into it, kicking and screaming, he’ll find it’s just his size. This damsel in distress needs a dark knight for a Happily Ever After....

Title : How To Lose a Demon in 10 Days
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How To Lose a Demon in 10 Days Reviews

  • Lady Allison
    2020-02-16 00:39

    Grace is sick of her creepy ex threatening to take away her son. He’s already stolen the first two years and she is unwilling to let him steal any more. She’s tried the courts, but she’s ready to get down and dirty to give him what he deserves. It’s time to call the Crown Prince of Hell, Caspian. When she summons him, he is so taken with her that he agrees to make her mobster of a boyfriend miserable if she’ll agree to be his – whenever, however, and for as long as it takes to wear the guy down. Of course, with Caspian being the sexiest demon she’s ever met, the deal isn’t too hard to make – sealed with an orgasm, of course! Thus begins the torrid affair between Grace, the human and Caspian, the Prince of Hell. I think the author was going for a Darynda Jones paranormal comedy feel, but unfortunately it fell pretty flat for me. The humor was trying too hard (it read like a paranormal Three Stooges), the romance wasn’t all that convincing, & it was downright graphic in the creepy ex-boyfriend parts. (He was so evil, his goal was to become a demon).There was a mystery with a twist thrown in that I didn’t see coming that made me hate her ex that much more (yes, it’s possible!) and I did like the characters themselves…I just feel that they alone couldn’t carry the story. I’m glad they got their Happy Ever After, but I can’t say I’d read another by this author.Grade: D-This review & others also found on Red Hot Books

  • Misty
    2020-02-09 01:12

    How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days is one of the funniest books I've read in a very long time. Grace has ten days to shake her Russian mobster ex and save her son.So what does Grace do? She summons a demon to do her bidding, and what she gets is not just any demon but Caspian who is not just any old demon but the Prince of Hell. Add in an entire cast that runs the gamut from a dead hooker turned dominatrix demon gunning for his soul to the devil himself and you have a laugh a minute ride. Typically a book this funny loses the romance side of itself, but that is not the case in How to Lose a Demon, the romance builds at a fun and sexy pace, making it an absolute delight to read. I have read many comical romance authors but never one that had me laughing from the first page to the last. The pure insanity of this book has me anxious to come back for the rest of the books in this series. If you're one that likes your light paranormal, heavy on the steam, and insane on the laughs then I highly recommend this book.

  • Andrea Heltsley
    2020-01-30 20:30

    Enjoyable sexy paranormal read. I liked some of the twists. Four glittery stars.

  • Ibrium
    2020-02-22 01:24

    Picked this one up for free during a promotion. Thank god, because if I'd spent money on it, I'd be genuinely grumpy. As it stands, I'm merely bemused.I managed to make it a page or two into chapter 8. A common thought I had while reading was along the lines of how HARD the author was trying. Total exercise in how the effort to impress the reader with wittiness overrides the story itself. I didn't find it clever, I found it grating in the extreme. The possibility this was destined for DNF-land hit me pretty early on. Its arrival there was assured by a bizarre, nonsensical simile about staring and dung beetles. THEN the heroine gets plastered while confronting her evil ex. Because that's just the thing to do. I seriously can't even.

  • Mihaela
    2020-01-25 00:34

    I loved this book. I don't remember the last time I had so much fun while reading. The peanut allergy scene...Priceless!! Hahahaha!!! That alone deserves 5 stars :)

  • Christyn
    2020-02-04 19:18

    I don't consider myself a very picky reader and am pretty easily satisfied with books, I don't like to leave bad reviews, therefore rarely do because it tends to take a lot for me to all out despise a book. But once in a while a book comes along that is just hair-ripping-out, full-on-migraine-inducing (yes, nausea and everything), what-in-all-creation-was-I-thinking, wish-I-could-unread bad. This is unfortunately one of those books for me. I was expecting something light, humorous, and romantic - I didn't get it. How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days will forever be known as the book that taught me why people DNF books. I so badly wanted to not finish this but sheer stubbornness prevailed (though never again - my head is still aching, and I can't believe I got through it. Next time I know to better than to finish because despite what I hope, some books are set right from the beginning and simply do not get better.) It is probably the most awful book I've had the pain of getting through in a while - certainly the worst in the past few years. I'm not even entirely sure where to start. Given any book - I am prepared to forgive a few things. Flat two-dimensional characters with no growth, the necessity to suspend disbelief, a lack of fully detailed world building, a lack of extensive details period, magical elements with no detail (provided they have some explanation), bad guys that are simply bad guys, plot twists that make absolutely no sense, in fact a whole lot of things that make no sense, a declaration of 'love' that suddenly hits the heroine, even a deus ex machina on occasion. Okay a few of these I could've (probably) handled but this book had ALL of these things. If you have no desire to read my rant (some swearing involved) and some spoilers feel free to skip ahead (I will attempt to mark as many spoilers as I can).The World I feel like we were just dropped into the middle of a world with no explanations or world building, I don't even know where or when this was set. There are hardly any general details much less details about what's going on and why. There's magic, but nothing's explained. There are oddities but nothings explained. There are things suddenly appearing and/or changing but nothing's explained. My biggest fucking problem is that NOTHING IS EXPLAINED. And it's so frustrating. And the things that are explained don't always make sense. Let me give you a few examples:(view spoiler)[ - How did Sasha and Michael know Grace had summoned a demon? There's no way he could've seen the bone dust on her floor from outside the door. -For that matter - how did Grace summon Caspian? How does one summon a demon at all much less a specific one? -Becoming a demon - this was never fully explained to us. Just that Michael wanted it and needed Grace to "sacrifice" herself in order for him to become one…why the elaborate deal with Ethelred (the demon Michael summoned), was there not a simpler way? - The "Poofs" as I call them - when something magically "poofs" into or out of existence with no real explanation (like Grace's drunken state when confronting Michael, how/why the banishing spell did what it did, Jill is suddenly a demon, Grace gets lavender wings, etc.) - The Baba Yaga thing - all we're told is it would be Seraphim or Nadja as they were the two most powerful witches and there was an unexplained "prophecy". - The weird Demonic allergy to peanuts (and that whole bizarre scene that was just absurd - though I think it was supposed to be funny - It was just so unbelievably absurd, seriously how many fucking people/demons does it take to "unstuck" a tongue from there). -How does a witch 'eat' other magical beings and absorb their power just by a bite? -How Michael managed to shoot Caspian in the head through a hotel door? -And of course the final showdown that was both baffling (and unbelievable - I don't know about you but I sure as hell ain't hugging the witch that just tortured me and killed my relative in order to 'defeat' her) in the extreme and containing a deus ex machina (it had too - Grace is so freaking incompetent she'd probably would have offed herself).(hide spoiler)]Characters …I don't think there was a cast of characters I've disliked more in a while. It would be easier to list the characters I liked. Hades (the Devil). Ethelred (the Demon). Jill (the dead-brought-back-to-life-turned-into-demon-hooker). I think that about covers it, well Petru (bad-guy's henchmen) & even Caspian (the-'hero') wasn't so bad… The thing is all these characters with the exception of Caspian were side characters. The reason I liked them? They were the only characters that had and made any sense, and even that was questionable at times with some of them. The bad guys were just bad guys. There was no real explanation to the two big baddies, just the whole I-want-power schtick. They both apparently had fucked up lives that made them that way - not that we get any detail. No redeeming qualities in either of them and I guess it was supposed to make the heroine look good - it didn't work. As for the characters I disliked the most - that goes to Grace (the 'heroine') and Seraphim (the 'grandma'). These witches were two peas in a pod (this is not a good thing). Seriously stupid and plain tiring they had equally disagreeable personalities and were just plain unlikable. Grace I would've forgiven if she had shown some degree of growth. But she just remains the same absurdly incompetent tstl heroine in a world full of tstl 'heroines'. Not only does she refuse to see the truth even when it's laid out in front of her throughout most of the book (which I could've forgiven if not for everything else) - the choices she makes, and things she does are just stupid. Not even halfway through the book - Grace decides it's a good idea to go and visit the bad guy despite everything that's happened and been revealed to her. Upon not finding him, she waits and gets drunk. Seriously?! You're going to go meet with the evil villain whose done you so much wrong (by yourself) and think it's a good idea to do so while drunk?! (view spoiler)[ So naturally she falls for Michael's (the villain) magical manipulations and suddenly "Poof" her head just magically clears.(hide spoiler)] This is just one thing in a whole host of idiotic moments brought to you by Grace. What else bothered me about Grace - her inability to see the truth - couldn't she tell the "memories" weren't real? I mean they were all different, inconsistent - some showing Michael took Nikoli away right when he was born, others showing her and Nikoli bonding, etc. Not to mention the fact that there were people that outright told her the truth. She is hot and cold, her decision making is baffling, she's contradictory (bad/good, confident/shy, I'm-going-to-kill-you-Michael/okay-you-can-kill-me-Michael), she doesn't show any growth and she is like a caricature from a comic strip gone horribly wrong. (view spoiler)[ Let's not forger she's some witch/angel/demon hybrid, of course but she's still even more helpless than a newborn kitten(hide spoiler)]Seraphim, like Grace really doesn't live up to her name. She is a hypocritical, judgmental, my-way-or-the-highwaywitch turned (view spoiler)[ Yaga Baba(hide spoiler)] that is just as stupid (if not more) than her granddaughter - Grace! (view spoiler)[ Telling Grace not tell Caspian she loved him, despite the fact she (Seraphim) had told Hades that and was currently banging him. Letting the bad witch get a drop on her - despite knowing that bad witch was out there and gunning for her. Picking needless arguments like Grace.(hide spoiler)] And for crying out loud I do not need or want the picture of "Grams" and the devil having sex in my brain, especially when they keep saying she's an "old crone" and then a "young maiden". Because I just see "old crone". And no, No, NO! Hades was my favorite - because he was the smartest, most sensible, straight-forward character in the book that didn't make absurd choices! The only thing was I don't get the attraction to Seraphim (or Caspian's attraction to Grace for that matter). I have to stop before I really get going.Point is… …I didn't like it. I didn't just not like it there were times I actively hated it. I try not to give too many spoilers but it's hard. Let's just say there are a lot of things that are contradictory or simply make no sense or have no explanation for why/how they occurred. Expect to spend either a lot of time suspending disbelief or sitting there in abject disbelief (like me). Maybe you'll enjoy it if you can just ignore the inconsistencies, and don't mind lack of details and explanations for what the heck just happened. There was just too much wrongwith this book for me to have any enjoyment of it. It may have gotten a laugh or two out of me (with what Caspian did to Michael) but it wasn't worth the pain of reading it. What really made me steam was that on top of everything else - the ending was just OMG, WTF?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! It isn't bad enough I had to sit through hours of this book but you're going to give the book the worst ending ever?! (view spoiler)[ A FUCKING HUG to get rid of the bad ass witch that tortured you and 'killed' your Granny and a deus ex machine in the form of a new character - Raphael (Angel) - to conveniently get rid of Michael?! Not to mention the universe 'fixing' itself so that everyone who deserves a happy ending gets one! ARGH! >_<(hide spoiler)] All I have left to say is I am so thankful it's over and that I borrowed this from the library instead of buying it. Never, ever again. You could not pay me to read this book again. In fact I may pay you to take it far far away from me (so long as you accept payment in the form of my eternal gratitude or peanut butter cups). I need to go hug my dogs, eat some ice cream, take a couple of aspirin and restore order in my world - I think I'll watch a movie or read a cute animal book. If it was possible I'd give this book negative stars, simply because 12 hours later my head still hurts thinking about it. There are books that make you cry in a good way with emotions, like joy because you loved it and didn't want it to end and then there are other books that when you finish you cry with joy becauseit's overand you're relieved. I'm sure you can tell which it was for me with this book.

  • Ana
    2020-02-17 00:38

    Kind of disappointed in this one. Too much happening at the same time and yet not enough. How this managed to be confusing and slightly boring too is beyond me. There's a lot of sex. Like, even more than usual and normally I wouldn't even care because I thought there was no such thing as too much sex. This book proved me wrong. Everyone seems to have sex in this story. All the time. And that, while not necessarily unpleasant, certainly complicated the plot and its evolution. I'm okay with complicated plots. I even like them from time to time. What I don't like is trying to understand said complicated plot with only a couple pages. And that's what ended up happening because most of the 300 pages in this novel are sex scenes. One after the other. Nonstop. How the main couple even managed to fall in love is, again, beyond me. They barely talked. And because they never talked and were always busy having sex, they never came up with a plan for the bad guys. All that concentrated power and completely useless. Her father had to come save her for Christ's sake. And the angel Raphael being her father? Totally out of the blue and, honestly, someone that didn't even needed to be there. Her Grandma is Baba Yaga. Her grandpa is Hades. She's a hald-demon/half-angel witch. Her boyfriend is a Crown Prince of Hell. I'm name dropping, I know. But you get my point. And the bad guys weren't even that clever or powerful. They simply made a plan and executed it. Not that hard, really. So why couldn't our good guys do the same?? Nope...Much more fun to wait for our doom, have sex while waiting and expect a miracle when the time of reckoning comes. Much better.

  • Sandirae Kennedy
    2020-01-28 23:21

    Not quite my kind of romance.

  • Toni
    2020-02-09 01:35

    3.5 StarsFun start to what looks to be a great series!Grace is in need of some demon assistance. For four years she has been battling her ex and she has finally decided to call in the big guns. Those so called guns come in the form of one Crown Prince of Hell, Caspian. Oh yummy, yum-yum. The old adage of tall, dark and handsome totally describes Caspian. Oh, you can also throw in sex-on-a-stick and walking wet dream while you are at it. Revenge comes first and then well maybe she can….oh never mind. Anyways, now that she has the ability to fight her ex, Michael, she just has one other thing to do; she must pay Caspian’s price for the contract.Caspian could be called a bit of a show off. When his amazing entrance at his summoning does nothing for the gorgeous woman in front him, he is perplexed and intrigued. Normally women are falling at his feet and this goddess is not even batting an eye at him. Well he knows how he can change that…the terms of the contract. She must sleep with him if she wishes to use him to ruin Michael (imagine Grace doing a private happy dance). Too bad his plan backfires on him and he may be losing more than he planned for.Their attraction is instant and they practically burn up the sheets, but what do you expect from a sizzling gorgeous demon. Caspian can make every one of Grace’s dreams come true and let me just say it is delicious! In the end, is their love making going to be enough for them. Neither believes a life together is possible, but for extremely different reasons. What they didn’t know is that there are other forces at play.How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days is different, but not in a bad way what’s so ever. It’s has moments of brilliance, some good laughs and a plot that I have never read before; all that makes it a good “different”. I think I’m unsettled because I think I was expecting more laughs, Michael being tortured more and while the different point of views were nice they became too much. I felt like I was missing out on things even though I was seeing into others perspectives. How to Lose a Demon is a really fun read, but at times the humor just didn’t do it for me. But that being said, there is one scene that will forever be burned into my brain. I will forever view the act of getting caught during sex differently!! Ms. DeWylde’s take on it, cracked me the heck up. If she could make that one singular act worse, she did. Those poor lovers *snicker*.Ms. DeWylde’s new series, 10 Days, is a winner. She ranks high in originality for plot and distinctive situations. Her ability to bring it all together is perfect and I’m happy with the final product. I’m just not all tingly and gitty. I’m pleasantly content. After reading the epilogue, I’m not sure if I’ll be seeing these specific characters again, but my fingers are crossed. They were very entertaining and the brought a smile to my face. I do believe she has unlocked a new universe with endless possibilities. 10 Days is a refreshing new take on paranormal. It snatches you from the ordinary and makes paranormal fun again. I’m here for the duration and heading out now to get in line for the next installment, How to Marry a Warlock, out now!

  • Kt
    2020-02-18 23:26

    Review originally posted on my blog: A Book Obsession..In a last ditch effort to give her ex-boyfriend, the Russian Mobster the comeuppance he deserves, Grace summons a demon to do her will. Of course she gets much more than she bargains for when Caspian, the Crown Prince of Hell shows up. In their bargaining, Grace had been expecting a price, but she never could have imagined Caspian's demands to be so carnal. But if sleeping with a denizen of hell is bad, falling for one is even worse, and she has only 10 days to get rid of him before it is too late. Based on the description, I imagined this book would have a tongue in cheek kind of humor, but I never would have predicted the hilarity that greeted me from page one. I mean come on, a demon who is trying to act all badass should never ever say the word frolicking in reference to himself. Kinda bursts all shreds of credibility from the start, especially as Grace labeled him metrosexual and was worried about him "bibbity-bopping along," even as he had a serious case of ADD due to her breasts. All that in just the first few pages, and things only got "worse" from there. There was one point involving peanuts and a very compromising position that left tears streaming down my face because I was laughing so hard. I can't remember the last time I read a book this funny, and it was a nice change of pace from the darker books I typically read. I mean, don't get me wrong, this book isn't just "fluff" as the overall plot is quite dark in its own right, it's just that the humor plays such a large role that it greatly overshadowed the danger.I really enjoyed watching Grace and Caspian grow and change in this book. Caspian started out so full of himself and absolutely carefree in his emotions, or rather the lack thereof. However that all changed once Grace came into his life. It was so much fun watching him squirm as he realized to his absolute horror he may actually have feelings for her, especially as he didn't know what to do about them. There were several times he royally messed up in his blundering about, but that only entertained me more due to the hilarity of it all. Grace on the other hand, in the beginning she was so uptight and shut off from the world, although she did have good reason. Even so, being a bitter harpy hell bent (literally) on revenge didn't suit her well, and I loved seeing Caspian slow start to change her as well. Of course, being so strong willed she fought that attraction tooth and nail, leadingHow to Lose a Demon in 10 Days is an incredibly sexy, fun romp that kept me thoroughly entertained. From the great characters and their steamy moments that sizzled right off the page, to the insane hilarity of it all, I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish. If this book is any indication of the future installments, the 10 Days series will be going onto my most anticipated list. This is a definite must read for those who like their paranormals with a large slice of humor on the side, and I highly recommend it!

  • Jackie Uhrmacher
    2020-02-11 18:20

    REVIEW ORIGINALLY POSTED AT BITTEN BY BOOKS REVIEW SITE ( is a woman scorned. Her Russian mobster ex-boyfriend kidnapped her son and has refused to let her see him in four years. A woman can only take so much before she reaches a breaking point, especially when that woman is the granddaughter of one of the most powerful witches to walk this earth. Grandma didn’t raise no fool, so Grace knows exactly what she’s doing when she summons Caspian, one of the Crown Princes of Hell. She refuses to take his word, forces him to sign the contract in blood, and even keeps from slapping the smug off his face when he names his price for helping her: in order to exact vengeance, Grace must sleep with Caspian. Problem is, Grace’s ex threatens to kill their son if she doesn’t get rid of her demonic lover in ten days. What’s a girl to do when she’s stuck between a rock and a hard demon?The main focus of How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days by Saranna DeWylde is on Grace, Caspian, and their struggles to gain custody of Grace’s son. (Warning: if you’re cursed with Mommy Emotions, this whole plot arch is going to make you scream to the heavens in agony.) We also have the typical romance element of several other relationships developing throughout the main storyline that include a sadistic mob boss and the dead hookers who no longer love him, an undead evil witch and her lover, and Hades and his heart of tarnished gold, among others. Each one added to the flow of the story and the development of the characters, but their epilogue was a little too cute for me. Keep in mind: I laughed my sizable ass off with the demonic crabs went after a character’s nether regions, so I’m a dark and twisted mind. Just because cutesy isn’t my thing doesn’t mean it won’t be yours.My one complaint—yes, just one! it’s a miracle!—is in the whole Vulcan Mind Meld thing. In the beginning (imagine me with a big, booming voice), Caspian could hear some of Grace’s thoughts because she “thought loud.” When this would have come in handy, he can’t hear a damn thing. It’s a tiny thing, really, but it made me throw imaginary popcorn at the screen in my mind and yell, “Oh no she didn’t! Girl, tell him how you feel!”How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days is not your average romance. Sure, there’s a snarky heroine, an antihero, plenty of Big Bads, and some breath-taking love scenes, but don’t let that fool you. Underneath that glimmering sheen of romance lays a dirty, laugh-until-you-can’t-breathe novel full of tongue-swelling, sex-toy-killing, heart-stopping action that will change your religion. Be prepared for hot sex, multiple orgasms, forked tongues, grandmas who get more action than we do, and a love story that spans multiple planes of existence.A few of my favorite passages:“Fine. I love you. Get me the hooker.”“Just because I’m female and you give great orgasms doesn’t mean I’m going to get all anime-eyed.”

  • Cassandra
    2020-02-13 19:33

    Ok, so I ALMOST gave up on this book. Yah I’m ashamed. After the first couple chapters, it didn’t seem at all like the type of book I typically enjoy, and so I went in search of other reviews, hoping to see whether or not the book picked up, or if I was wasting my time.About 3 chapters in, I’d yet to see the story everyone seemed to be raving about, BUT an eternal optimist, I decided to give it one last shot, and I’ve gotta say, I’m extremely pleased. About halfway through, I realized, like so many others, I was in love with this book. So, a big thank you to the reviewers who convinced me to keep reading, it was definitely worth it.So, in the beginning, I was a little confused as to what the story was actually about, though I’d read the synopsis before choosing the book. We have a woman, clearly scorned, not once but many many times, who has somehow managed to hang on to her sanity despite having her child taken from her…a child that- *spoiler* will leave that part to you to find out.She’s managed to get herself a contract with a crowned prince of hell, in order to wreck revenge, which normally turns out bad for the scorned. However in this story, we see a different take. It isn’t always about blood, and death, and making people pay, sometimes it’s simply about learning a lesson, and being put through the type of trials, that only the strong, and truly good at heart can learn.I was a bit surprised with Nadja’s demise…it wasn’t the big bang, and burning flames one usually expects with the evil, but then, that’s what made the story different, and exciting, never knowing what was about to happen, where some books have become so cliché. Of course, Nadja has Sasha to thank, sure he was a body-disposing mob boss’s lackey, but he had a good heart…mostly, and he DID love her. I supposed that love is what got them *spoiler*…rewards? You’ll have to read to find out that as well.I was however EXTREMELY pleased with Grace and Caspian’s ending, after all it wouldn’t be a romance without a happily ever after, and it was well and truly earned. There were some other, humorous and sweet relationships to be seen, which only helped the book to be so much more than the evil plot buried inside. I was well and truly thankful for those other bits, as they made the more bitter parts with Michael easier to swallow, a good combination of good versus evil. Especially Grace’s grandmother…She was perhaps one of my favorite characters.All in all, I gotta say, slow to start maybe, but I LOVED this story so much! I highly recommend it to anyone who likes quirky, snarky characters, who, while just wanting to find love, simply cannot do things the easy way. A little hard work goes a long way though, and nothing worth having is ever easily gained. Definitely gonna keep an eye out for more of Saranna DeWylde’s books; an obvious 5 star novel in my opinion. Do keep in mind that this is an adult book, and there are explicit details.

  • Jenn
    2020-01-29 19:12

    I'm kind of at a loss for words on this one. I liked it, but I also felt like something was missing and the ending sort of gave me a whiplash kind of feel. The book reminded me a bit of the Welcome to Hell Series by Eve Langlais with the way DeWylde personifies both the Devil and the demonic characters presented in the story. Honestly if you like that series you'll probably really enjoy this book. Oddly though the ending was straight out of Clue the movie. Not as in a word for word copy or anything like that, but if you've seen the movie you'll remember that sort of huh? ending that makes it memorable. This book features the same type of ending which is a lot of the why I'm trying to compose thoughts on what to say about it. The main reasons that I'm not giving it a higher rating was that it felt rushed and so much was happening that you never get the chance to slow down and take in what's really going on. There's this plethora of mythology woven in here that isn't fully explained or explored in my opinion. There's multiple romantic relationship with none of them getting the necessary "screen time" to fully develop and feel real. Also there's so many sex scene that it's not really clear when it stopped being sex and started being emotional. I honestly believe if you'd taken this book and made it into a trilogy with just this story line taking the time to better develop the character relationships and world mythology it would have been a trio of five star stories. The bones of a great series are clearly there the problem is that it's too much too fast to be well developed in the way it needs to be for me to consider it a five star story. Don't get me wrong I love a fast paced book, but not at the expense of character relationships or necessary back story and I consider mythologies surrounding an urban fantasy world to be necessary back story. That said DeWylde has a serious talent for writing humorous scenes. I haven't laughed so hard at a romance since Wallbanger and it's like she took that raunchy sort of humor that make Wallbanger great and upped the ante especially in the raunchy aspect.While I think the book could have been better I would recommend it and I do intend to read further titles. I think the best way to describe this story would be like a mesh of Welcome to Hell, Clue The Movie and Wallbanger and if you think that combination couldn't possibly work, trust me if you read this, it does.

  • Colette
    2020-02-02 22:36

    Never mess with a woman who knows how to summon a demon, and not just any demon either to get revenge on you. Graces scum of the earth boyfriend Michael finds this out the hard way when she summons Caspian, a Crown Prince of Hell to get back at him. I loved that Grace knew she was summoning a demon and had no regrets about doing it. Caspian won me over on the first page he was on. He and Grace were a great match for one another and their chemistry was sizzling hot. There is a lot of humor in this book, and I loved that. Caspian has some great tricks up his sleeve for getting back at Michael, and sending demon crabs on him was just one of those tricks which I enjoyed. (What can I say? He totally deserved them!)This book had everything going for it: a witty, independent heroine, a smokin hot alpha male, a cringe worthy villain, and lovable secondary characters. This book should have been an instant favorite with me. However, what started to lose me was this: the plot itself was predictable, but I didn't mind that because I enjoyed Caspian and Grace so much. What I did mind though was that the mystery was revealed to the reader before it was revealed to Grace, so the whole book is spent waiting for her to figure out it. There are some emotional scenes with Grace when she finally gets a clue as to what is really going on, but for me it was too late. However, I liked Grace and Caspian so much by this point, that I kept reading because I really wanted to see Michael get what he deserved. He was such a fun villain to cheer against. The other thing that lost me was that every.single.character. had their own chapter. Even the villains minion, minon girlfriend had her own chapter. Granted, everything came together in the end, but it made hard to fully connect to the main characters. How to Lose A Demon in 10 Days was original, and for a debut book wasn't bad. I think I was just frustrated because I wanted a lot more of Grace and Caspian together and all the other characters kept getting in the way, lol. I requested book two in this series at the same time that I did this one, and while I had major issues with this book, I am actually looking forward to reading it because Grace and Caspian were so much fun.

  • Koneko
    2020-02-07 01:28 tiene su vida patas arriba. Su abuela ha muerto recientemente dejándola sola en el mundo, no tiene trabajo y su ex novio mafioso tiene secuestrado a su hijo bajo amenaza de muerte. ¿Qué haría una bruja buena ante semejante tesitura?...pues hacer un pacto con un demonio. El problema es que a su llamada no acude un demonio cualquiera, sino que responde, ni más ni menos que el príncipe heredero al trono infernal, el sexy y descarado Caspian. Por encima se ha propuesto que la propia Grace sea el pago por sus servicios. Así se desencadenan una serie de acontecimientos que llevarán a nuestra heroína a conocer importantes secretos sobre su vida y su familia.Esta es una comedia romántica paranormal que peca de estar llena de tópicos: brujas, demonios, ángeles, híbridos, redención, etc. Es claramente poco original y predecible, y además usa un vocabulario bastante soez en todas las escenas calentitas, pero desde luego rebosa simpatía y humor. La historia está relatada por varios personajes, contándonos cada uno además su propia historia. Aquí debo reconocer que la forma de relatar de la autora está muy bien lograda, consigue proporcionarnos una visión muy completa de toda la historia y de todos sus personajes y sus historias personales, aunque algunos de ellos carezcan de profundidad y de carácter.En resumen, How to lose a demon in ten days es una historia de amor entre dos personas completamente distintas que involucran dos mundos opuestos, con un toque humorístico que me ha hecho reír mucho, cosa que, de no haber sido así, probablemente el libro no hubiese pasado de ser un quiero y no puedo, otro más del montón que no habría terminado de leer. Si os gustan las historias sencillas, llenas de tópicos pero simpáticas, os recomiendo este libro, pero no esperéis gran cosa de él.Yo le doy un 3 de 5

  • La_Revenant
    2020-02-17 18:22

    Meet Grace, a witch who is seeking revenge. Enter Caspian, a Crown Prince of Hell. A deal is struck, the terms a bit unusual, and the story begins. A deal with a demon, what could possibly go wrong? So very many things…How about when the demon is summoned he is a bit of pompous ass, who is supremely good looking? “Demon! Hello? Up here.” She crossed her arms over her chest. “They can’t talk.” “I know. That’s part of the appeal.”(DeWylde, Saranna (2012-08-28). How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days (p. 5))Or, a dead grandmother who some say is the Baba Yaga?How about an allergy to peanuts? (You have to read the book, that’s all I’m saying)Oh, and to make things even more interesting, the Big Boss himself, Lucifer, has a teeny tiny interest in what is happening.How To Lose a Demon In 10 Days is a divinely devilish romp. It’s a story that focuses on a time in a woman’s life when said woman makes a deal with a demon to exact revenge on her horrible, slime ball of an ex, hilarity, as well as briefly serious moments, ensues. “…I’d have to be sixty-three kinds of coconut-flavored dumbass to fall for ademon. Your kind has the attention span of a goldfish.”DeWylde, Saranna (2012-08-28). How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days (p. 130))This is the first book of Saranna DeWylde’s that I have ever-cracked open; I was not disappointed, even though romantic wild romps are not usually my go to genre I was enthralled right from the beginning and not able to set it down until I had finished it. If you enjoy hilarious and sexy romantic interactions, as well as some action and drama thrown in to spice things up, I would recommend taking How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days for a ride, you won’t be disappointed. Deliciously Devoured,La Revenant

  • Pam
    2020-01-24 23:22

    My ReviewI received a copy of this book from Kensington for an honest review. Grace called upon a demon to help her with her ex. What she got was Caspian a crowned prince of hell. He is bound to help her with her problems but he wants something in return. He wants Grace. Grace fights her feelings for Caspian and has to think of ways to send him back. Her ex gives her 10 days to get rid of him or her nightmare will become true. She has to decide between the demon she is falling for or the thing she holds most dear. This book had me laughing so hard in places. The things Caspian aka Crowned hotty does to Grace's ex are down right original and so hilarious.Grace does many things to try and send Caspian back one of them involving peanut butter is one not to miss plus shopping with a dead hooker has to rank up there in hilarity. This book isn't just about great laughs it also has some very nice hot and steamy love scenes. I love the whole plot of the book. All of the characters are very unique and stay in your mind. Grace at times you want to shake and say listen to what your heart is telling you. Caspian is amazing, hot, funny and so much more wrapped up in one package. He will do anything to help Grace. The side characters all add their own part in this book. The one reason it got 4 instead of a 5 is You got to see a lot of the secondary characters that at times you wonder why that chapter is about them. In the end you see it all comes together to make a great book but I wanted more of Caspian and Grace. If you want a funny and hot paranormal romance book pick this one up.4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

  • Darlene
    2020-02-15 18:14

    I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation for my review, and the views expressed herein are my own. The first book in DeWylde’s 10 Days series has all the elements of a great paranormal romance: Strong female protagonist, swoony alpha hero, and lots of red-hot action!Grace is a witch, whose ex-boyfriend is making her life a living hell. When Grace calls upon the Powers That Be for help, Caspian – the Crown Prince of Hell - responds to her summons. He agrees to take down her ex-boyfriend, but his price is her body! Grace has no idea what she is getting into when she complies with his condition.Grace is a real hoot! She has a great sense of humour with a snarky retort for nearly everything! I loved the banter between Grace and Caspian. Speaking of Caspian...whew! The chemistry between Grace and Caspian is so hot that I am surprised that the book didn’t spontaneously burst into flames! Caspian can do devilishly wicked things with that forked tongue of his and he definitely has spoiled Grace, as sex with a mere mortal after Caspian would be dull by comparison no matter how skilled he was! Grace’s ex-boyfriend, Michael, is particularly loathsome, and I delighted in the clever ways that Caspian tortured him.DeWylde is a new-to-me author, and I will definitely be keeping my eye out for the next book in the series as well as her backlist.This review was originally posted on my blog:

  • Gabriella
    2020-02-18 01:20

    “Looks like you’re both demon and angel, my love.”She smiled up at him. “Just like every other woman that’s ever walked the earth.”How to Lose A Demon in 10 Days is not your average romance.Keep in mind that this is an adult book, and there are explicit details!Grace is a witch, whose ex-boyfriend is making her life a living hell. Grace called upon a demon to help her with her problem. What she got was Caspian a crowned prince of hell. He is bound to help her with her problems but he wants something in return. He wants Grace. But if sleeping with a denizen of hell is bad, falling for one is even worse, and she has only 10 days to get rid of him before it is too late. Grace has a great sense of humour with a snarky retort for nearly everything! I also loved the banter between Grace and Caspian.“Lady, I don’t know if someone forgot to tell you, but you’re a woman. You don’t need a demon to help you with vengeance. Most chicks do just fine on their own.”Caspian is amazing, hot, funny and so much more wrapped up in one package. He will do anything to help Grace. This book had me laughing so hard in places.The beginning seemed a little slow to me, and it took me a while to get into it. I did like that even with so many characters, they were relatively easy(*OK I got confused a couple of times!*) to keep straight, and the writing was decent. I gave this book 3 stars.

  • Jenni Ebba
    2020-02-16 19:33

    A wonderful first novel in a series about the political arena that is Heaven and Hell. Who knew the positions of the Big Boss and the Devil were democratic? Certainly not me. :P This novel, while being a easy PNR has a great story and even better character development. DeWylde's imagination is matched only by her character's whit. Fans of Katie MacAlister and Molly Harper will love this series.Grace is a powerful witch with ties to both Heaven and Hell. Her grandmother is the BABA YAGA witch, not that she knows or believes this. Grace also has a horrible exboyfriend and memories of a son she never actually had. Revenge for the believed kidnapping of her son, Grace calls upon the powers of Hell and summons a demon- not just any demon, but a very hot one that happens to be a Prince of Hell. Caspian is devilish indeed and quite suave. Little does he know, but Grace is just heavenly enough to tempt a demon from his thrown. I love this series and after two novels into it- I am hooked. DeWylde's reads are fun and humorous. If you are a fan of funny PNRs- this one is most definitely for you. 4 Stars

  • Melindeeloo
    2020-02-10 18:32

    3 star = pretty good. I finished up the cheapie (2.99 on kindle) How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days,it was not too romancey even though it started with lots of smexy stuff. There is also a whole lotta crass and sass from the leading lady (not quite up to laurenston or lexi george but kind of that idea) and from other reviews I saw either you thought it was funny or trying too hard to be funny. I think I actually felt both ways as certain points in the story.The first part of the book was more on the ok side for me - mostly because it was just major smexy times - but I liked the last half... Except for the epilog which was the author just ticking off a list of what happened to everyone she'd left hanging. And so the epilog irked me a bit. I'd have rather had the epilog been a glimpse at the HEA for the the leading pair, with just a few of tje 'whoever elses' worked in with a little more finesse.

  • Annabelle Morehouse
    2020-02-04 19:34

    Multiple points of view made this book hard for me to get into. Our male and female MCs and grandma and grandpa and friends.... Our main character Grace had snark but it was more unlikeble than endearing. I get tired of perfect shaped characters with amazing racks. I think there was more in this book about her body than Caspian's appearance. Why did they fall in love? Is there anything beyond their perfect skins that they wear? I felt that these questions remained unanswered. This seemed as if it had series potential but the author decided to just put it all in one book. I did enjoy at the similar style to Mary Davidson and felt it would have worked better with one point of view. I did not care for it but that's not to say another wouldn't love it. The plot was well thought out and there was enough substance to create a continued storyline. Creative and snarky it was full of potential.

  • Margaret
    2020-02-20 20:17

    To start off with: this book was nowhere near what I was expecting. I went into it thinking, ok, we're going to have an evil ex, a demon who either turns out to be less evil than advertised or gets redeemed, and a witch with a vengeance fixation.I got a whole lot more mobsters, a whole lot more comedy, and a whole lot more eye-rolling. This wouldn't have worked for me if I'd been in the mood for anything remotely serious or believable (mild spoiler: there is a spell used to make marathon sex sessions with a demon physically possible, since otherwise she'd have been one giant bruise from knees to bellybutton). The sex scenes weren't all that hot, but they were funny, and that makes up for a lot in my mind.

  • Mare
    2020-01-23 21:39

    This was a free book. I read the reviews...they were all over the place but I read anyway. And I laughed the whole time. perfect for me, i'm a sucker for romantic comedies & that is exactly what I got with Caspien & Grace. Some complained that the chapters not only told Caspien & Grace's story, but I'm OK with that. The author created characters whose stories I wanted to know & I appreciate I didn't have to find out in...the next book.Grace is a decendent from a great witch so some feel the need to take advantage of that as they covet her magic, so she summons a demon for help with revenge. as payment the prince of hell wants her. shes angry & agrees. Everthing after that is funny. I think I'll download #2 now.

  • Jennifer Crump
    2020-01-31 19:22

    What a great story. I was laughing non-stop at some parts of this story. Caspian is such a great character. Grace is a strong willed women seeking revenge on her ex. Together they make an awesome team and they quickly fall in love but are kicking and screaming the entire time. Caspian helps Grace seek her revenge but doesn’t realize that Grace has been set up from the very beginning. He has to fight for her life and realizes she is his Happily Ever After and he is hers. Can a witch and a Crown Prince of Hell have a Happily Ever After? The characters compliment each other so much. The quick wits and funny dialogue will have you reading into all hours of the night. I am looking forward to more stories from Saranna DeWylde in the future!

  • L. (Your Migraines Are Podcasts Trying To Be Produced)
    2020-01-26 21:32

    Grace, a witch, summons Caspian, a demon, to exact revenge against Michael, a Russian mobster.Author Saranna DeWylde tried really, really hard and a part of me feels compelled to at least give her an A for effort. But then I remember how I absolutely disliked every character (especially Grace) and how every "joke" fell flat, and that wipes out all my goodwill.Look, if you've a hankering to read something with a little romance and deals with the Devil, allow me to recommend Devil's Kiss by Zoe Archer. It's a much better book.

  • Amy at Read What I Like
    2020-02-01 23:26

    The book wasn't awful, but it definitely wasn't great. I would like to give it another half star, but just can't bring myself to give it three stars. It tried to be funny and was in a couple of places, but much of the humor just didn't work for me. It was definitely crass in places and there was a lot of violence against women that was just too heavy for a "light-hearted" romance novel, which is what it felt like this book was trying to be. It was a quick read, but I kept wanting to just give up on it. I finished it, but don't think I will be reading any more in the series. Not bad writing, but it just didn't work for me.

  • RaeAnne Fox
    2020-02-12 20:35

    Grace and Caspian have got to be among some of my favorite characters I've read in a long time! Grace with her fierceness and warmth and Caspian with his sex appeal and seductive personality! What started out as just a simple contract with a Demon to get revenge on Grace's Ex who has made her life nothing but hell turns in to a love and lust that can't be denied. Along the way Grace finds out secrets about her past and whether or not it's possible to tame a Demon. I highly recommend this book! I loved every minute of it and I especially loved Caspian ;)

  • Missyb
    2020-02-09 21:19

    Plenty of laughs, and likeable characters. Grace summons the demon Caspian to get back at her ex. Her ex (Michael) is a low life gangster like jerk who kills and hurts people for fun while he's trying to become a demon himself. When Caspian curses Michael with demon crabs and then with atomic intestinal issues, you're bound to laugh out loud while reading it. Great twists on who her parents and Grandpa are. During the course of her paying Caspian for his part they start to develop feeling for each other. Sweet ending, and makes you think about karma biting you.

  • Jennavier
    2020-01-23 23:15

    Really not my kind of story. It works hard for the erotic angle, including having the main character sign a contract with a demon that exchanges sex for help in getting revenge. Ummm.... Prostitution anyone? Any women who usually chooses her own partners should be at least a little uncomfortable with this. Then again, if you don't have sex in the first ten pages then it's not a romance novel so Ms. DeWylde just had to start early.