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Hope Jones did a very, very stupid thing. She betrayed the man she was falling in love with just to keep her job, and is crippled with guilt.But now she has a problematic new neighbor who’s more than just a pain in the ass, a new addiction to breakfast breads, and she has to try and teach a teenager how to drive.Will she be able to do all this, get past the darkness in herHope Jones did a very, very stupid thing. She betrayed the man she was falling in love with just to keep her job, and is crippled with guilt.But now she has a problematic new neighbor who’s more than just a pain in the ass, a new addiction to breakfast breads, and she has to try and teach a teenager how to drive.Will she be able to do all this, get past the darkness in her past that comes calling, and still save her job… again?...

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Hope Entangles Reviews

  • Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’
    2020-01-01 06:03

    Received a copy for an honest review:From reading the first book of Hope and Jake (who is a friend of Hope's brother and kind of had a crush on her all the years but she just never noticed him) I couldn't wait to read the second one.As you will remember in the first book Hope accidently took a picture of her and Jake while they were having sex, okay how do you do that.Kind of when they were in the throes of passion she knocked the camera over and it went off, at the time she thought she was seeing stars,lmao (yes she did)So being on a deadline and her job on the line she used the picture for a cover and Jake kind of went balistic (and as some of us know the silent treatment) and he just walked out on her.So book2: She meets sexy hot OMG genius new neighbour Raphael (definitely want one of him) and they did not hit off so good. But isn't heated arguments another word for foreplay...lolSo now she is attracted to two Hot men, Jake and Raphael. And then to make matters complicated Hope has an ex who is kind of a douche-bag and he kind of hurt her in a really bad way. So add that in and it is drama, drama, drama. Add in sexy next door neighbour Bette who is Hope's sort of best friend (as she kind of nominated herself by constantly being in Hope's life and knowing her business) and things just get more heated.So in book 2 there are so much chemistry between all these people you will not be able to keep track and Alice Bello just keeps you guessing cause you don't know who Hope will choose... So will it be Jake or will it be sexy new neighbour Raphael...Can't wait to see what the author has in store in book3

  • Akilah Raines
    2019-12-21 22:06

    Another 3.5 stars!! Alice and her damn novellas that leave me saying "No! its not over until the fat lady sings!" why why why? This is a quick funny read with a dash or two of romance. I love Alice and we have a lot in common. oh and as much as I started to like Raphael I'm still #TeamJake.... Book 3 Asap please ..... full review to come on soon. Book is released already and is 99 cents and Book one is free on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Kobo and Nook. check out my review of book one on the above site: just type in Hope Breaks in the search bar on the site. :)

  • Lydia H
    2019-12-22 00:23

    4.5 Stars"Hope Entangles" is a sweet and funny read that picks up the story line right where "Hope Breaks" ended - so yes, you have to read that one first."I betrayed him, Bette."She gave me a sad little smile and then rolled her eyes. "That's what relationships are all about. You fuck up, you get mad, you get miserable, and then you make up."We start off seeing how devastated Hope is... literally moping around her house not even bothering to shower. Thankfully, Darla, whom we meet in the first novella, calls her up and asks her for driving lessons. This makes Hope actually clean herself up and finally leave the house for the first time since... Jake. Along with Bette, her crazy and funny neighbor/friend, she helps Darla get her driver's licence. After a long and very much needed day out, Bette and Hope develop a friendship with Darla. In this novella we get introduced to a new and very sexy neighbor... Raphael. Talk about getting off on the wrong foot. Raphael and Hope did not get along at first. You could see how they quickly got under each other's skin and you could definitely feel the sexual tension sizzling off the pages. "Well shit... here I was feeling like such a humanitarian about helping Darla learn how to drive, and I'd had a hot, sexy, male Mother Teresa living right next door!""You'll find, if you're lucky, that I can do many things... for hours at a time." - Raphael *fans self*Throughout "Hope Entangles" questions get answered and secrets get revealed. Of course, not everything is out in the open just yet since we still have one more novella to go. But yes, we do get a lot of answers. The only downer for me was that we didn't get to see a lot of Jake. Yes we had a few chapters in his PoV, but he was rather "absent" most of the time. I mean, I guess you could say he was always around, yet.... not. You'll see what I mean once you read this... But now that I think about it, I guess in a way "his absence" helped me as a reader "get to know" more Raphael and establish a connection with him. I still kind of wanted to see Jake and Hope interact more which is why towards the final pages, I was literally about to freak out!! And then.......... the end.WHAAAAAT!!!!!!????? *breathe*So yes, you can totally bet your butts I tweeted Alice about this CLIFFHANGER!!! :)But okay, overall, this was a great sequel. Loved the first novella and this one did not let me down. Like I said at the beginning, it's a sweet and funny read. I'm VERY much looking forward to the conclusion which I hope comes out VERY SOON.... :)"Goodnight boys. It's been fun...."***A copy of "Hope Entangles" was provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Thanks Alice!!

  • Jessica
    2020-01-15 23:09

    Hope Entangles picks where Hope Breaks left off. Those of us hoping for a Jake and Hope reconciliation, well…we have to wait some more. Hope Entangles isn’t about them getting back together, but rather what Hope does get over what she did to Jake. Now if you haven’t read Hope Breaks stop reading this review NOW, read it then proceed.Like Hope Breaks, Hope Entangles is told via Hope’s point of view, but we also get Jake’s. I always enjoy getting to see Hope’s world, but the real treat was getting to know Jake! Bello left some unanswered questions in the first novella especially with regards to how Jake knew Hope in high school. That question is answered and I’m glad she gave us his perspective alongside Hope’s. Also, I had questions as to why Hope was cautious about dating. That too gets addressed and it’s a heartbreaking tale. I’m glad Bello explained it, but equally happy she didn’t linger too much on it and make the entire storyline about it. Although, I’m sure it will be readdressed in the final installment as it all comes together.Character development is strong, but Hope Entangles is one of those novellas where you do have to read the first in order to continue. I loved learning more about Hope’s crazy, nosy neighbor Bette. Even better? The inclusion of Jake’s mother and sister, who in the past made Hope’s life a living nightmare. The real treat is Hope’s newest neighbor and the ever so sexy, Raphael. Hope begins to have erotic dreams about him and while purists will say she shouldn’t because of Jake, I remind you theirs was a very short relationship. A few characters from Hope Breaks make an appearance and I suspect we’ll get a few new ones in Hope Rises. I’m particularly dying for Jake to come face to face his with ex-wife who was once a friend of Hope’s.My favorite quotes:"Holy crap, the asshole had baked for her! I knew her relationship to food, and if he could whip up food for her…Shit, shit, shiiit…""Mary, mother of god. I really did look like a ‘ho. A saloon prostitute ready to pour you a drink while we haggled over my price."There are a few errors, but nothing that impedes one’s enjoyment. I laughed and really enjoyed Hope Entangles. We’re left with a cliffhanger, but nothing as major as Hope Breaks. Bello will have you questioning which team you’re on: Jake’s or Raphael’s. If by chance Hope decides on Raphael, then I have a message for Jake: call me!If you’re a fan of funny contemporary romances then I highly recommend Alice Bello’s Hope Entangles. Be prepared for laughs and I can’t wait for Hope Rises!This review & more are posted at Literary, etc/a>.

  • Aarati
    2019-12-24 23:09

    Hope Entangles picks up a few days after Hope and Jake break-up. She is moping around in her house, without even taking a shower. The only reason she takes a shower and gets out of her house is because Darla decides to take up on Hope’s promise to teach her driving. What follows is a roller-coaster rider with Bette teaching Darla how to drive, and Hope trying not to throw up. It most definitely was the day out Hope needed.When she reaches home, Hope finds a hot new neighbour trying to cut down her sycamore tree. The war of words that ensue is worth the read. Most of the time the hot new neighbour Raphael and Hope are at loggerheads, but they become friends soon enough. We see a lot of Raphael in this book and Bette too, but enough of Jake.Jake is absent for the majority of the book. But we find some chapters from his point of view. We find out how Hope and Jake actually knew each other in high school. One of the questions unanswered in book 1; Hope Breaks. Later on we also find out why Hope does not actually remember him.Hope misses Jake, but she can’t stop thinking about her hot new neighbour. She even goes on to have dreams of threesomes including the two men. Jake also involves in stalker behaviour, dropping by at Hope’s house and spying on her. Both Hope and Jake claim, what they had was more than just an infatuation or even lust. Both of them believe they were well on their way to love. But their actions suggest otherwise. Hope is lusting after Raphael, whereas Jake is thinking Bette has a hot bootie. This has a chance to get really ugly, which I don’t want it to be.We also meet Hope’s psycho ex-boyfriend. We find out the answer as to why she can’t really paint anymore and she even opens up to Raphael about her not so great past. All the questions unanswered in Hope Breaks gets answered.I liked this book but not as much as the first one. I just wanted the author to rectify Hope’s mistake and move forward with Jake and Hope’s relationship. I did not want a third wheel introduced in the story arc. It was definitely funny and easy to read, but I did not like the twist in the story very much.The ending of the book though makes us wonder who Hope will choose. Will it be the handsome and harming Jake, with whom Hope might be falling in love or will it be the hot and dangerous neighbour Raphael, who turned out to be a good friend. The answer will be found in the final book of the trilogy Hope Rises. My vote’s for Jake. I love Jake and I want him to have a happy ending with Hope. Go Jake!!

  • Deb Dee (autumn delaney)
    2020-01-19 01:15

    3 STARSReceived an ARC in exchange for an honest review.First, I just want to get this out of my chest "Not another cliffy! Nooooo!". There, I said it.This picked up where it ended on the first book. Hope betrayed Jake and she's wallowing and (for me) over thinking it.[HOPE]She's still the funny, weird and endearing girl from the firs book. She's still rockin' the Hello Kitty stuff. She's pining over Jake and I just wish they had more interaction than just the last scene of the book. Then she got herself into some of the weirdest situations that, for me, lacks the back up story it needs. Like (view spoiler)[when Jake's sister and mother confronted her. I mean I didn't get why they did that? Jake is old enough and strong enough to fight his own battles. Then her mother came just for it to end by Hope walking out on them. I didn't get that. Sorry. (hide spoiler)][JAKE]Well I'm glad we got his POV in this book! I love dual POVs! Well, we didn't see much of him except on those rare occasions where he is "stalking" Hope which is weird but made me awww... (please don't judge me) because he cant stay away from her.[RAPHAEL]Then we met the new, sexy, genius neighbor! In the beginning I'm not sure how he will play a part in Hope's life but he's arrogantly sweet, Mother Theresa-like neighbor. I liked him! I wish I have a neighbor just like him!!! He can bake! Oh good heavens! Give me some Raff!!!I prefer the first book than this one, the most entertaining part of this read didn't come until the last few chapters and I wish there was more of that all throughout the book. I got bored on the first 2/3 of the book. But I'm still looking forward to the last part of Hope's story!If you're looking for a short and fun read then pick this book up.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Rina Smith
    2019-12-23 03:27

    A fun readChaotically hilarious. Poor Hope, she just can’t catch a break. I love her new neighbor and and their first interaction.

  • Alison
    2020-01-12 22:05

    3 and half stars really So, up front, the author emailed me a free copy of the book because I emailed her about the first book in the trilogy. I assume it was because she wanted an honest review but she didn't say so (she gets one anyway). However, I also believe that it was free on Smashwords so why not have a look. Free Coupon Code: JB49F.Going back to my review of the first book I concluded:Ok, so going back to my opening line, I don't know how to classify/rate this book. It is nice and sweet, something I could let me grandma read, until it isn't. It is well-written, dare I say articulate, until she uses that phrase. It is a light fluffy romantic comedy with references to the bible and popular culture, until that ending.Well I first want to thank Alice for answering one of my questions from the first book - we now know why Hope doesn't remember Jake from High School (I like to think that Alice put that in just for me - don't shatter my illusions).In this second book Hope and Jake aren't together. She is in a pit of despair and he isn't much better. Welcome back to the nympho neighbour Bette and the delectable Darla. Billy and Georgia get a brief mention as well. Also we finally meet Hope's mother - the Librarian from Hell.Great pop-culture references to Hello Kitty, Buffy and all things Patrick Swayze.Hope has a new neighbour - Raphael. Just like Jake, Raphael seems just a little too good to be true: great coffee maker, great cook, genius inventor, stunning looks, funny(view spoiler)[ , wealthy, extraordinarily generous to his extended family and willing to dance one-on-one with a gay man at a public event (view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)].Another short novella but really sweet (no icky words in this book thank heavens), a couple of typos but nothing that made me want to beat my head against a wall.Yes, the set up was obvious from the get go but there is plenty of fun to be had on the ride and we hear the story of the scar and why Hope can’t paint.Very much looking forward to reading the third part of the book – perhaps Ms Bello could then turn her hand to stories about some of the other characters? I know I'd love to read them. (hide spoiler)]

  • DCT
    2020-01-18 02:09

    First, I love the wit and style of this authors writing. It is charming and just down right fun. We start out with Hope moping over Jake; not going out, staying in her Hello Kitty jammies, eating junk food and watching Dirty Dancing (love all the old movie references). Of course her funny, vivacious neighbor Bette and the beautiful dimpled face Darla help her out of her doldrums, and get her out the house for a fun filled girls day. When she gets home, Hope has her first encounter with her sexy, gorgeous new neighbor Raphael. There is instant attraction, and in the midst of this encounter, Jake "drives" by, which of course Bette notices because she doesn't miss a thing (love her!) yet she doesn't tell Hope. Things really start getting interesting, but I don't want to give any more away. But I must say something about my girl Hope; I really like Hope and her quirkiness, her humor, her love of great classic movies and music. But I am really disappointed in the way she is handling this whole thing with Jake and this new "triangle", and something tells me Bette has a thing for Jake so Hope needs to be sure about her choice.Alice, I must say that your style reminds me of another Alice (Clayton) that I love so much, and you both have a great way of injecting the right amount of humor with pop culture, with a subtle campy style that just makes me smile :) Now you have kept me hanging for 2 editions, so please don't make me wait too long to see how this is all going to play out. And by the way, I loved the scene on Hope's front porch with her Mom and the 2 other ladies, lol! Keep up the good work.

  • Eldarwen
    2020-01-06 00:27

    Too short, really just too short!The continuation of 'Hope Breaks' picks up shortly after the first novella and continues the story of Hope's somewhat complicated life - even though it started out seeming fairly normal (if there is such a thing as normal). Quickly paced with lots of cringe-worthy moments that make the reader wish to never get into such a situation but laugh nonetheless, 'Hope Entangles' reads just as quickly and nicely as the first book.I liked that Janine was a bit more developed in this book, showing the fact that she is not all as super as Hope seems to have first thought she was; even more so because it takes an outsider to open her eyes about this.Raphael is quite a nice new character, the banter between him and Hope having made me smile on a regular basis. (Had to laugh out loud at the Terra Banks incident!) I do wonder though what the deal with him is, and I can't help thinking that there is something he might be hiding.'The Women', scary as hell, but very funny.I can't wait to see how this story concludes now that quite a few things have been thrown out into the open, without having been resolved yet, and especially because 'Hope Entangles' ends on a cliffhanger. (view spoiler)[Here's hoping there will be some more Jake again in the last book! And a hopefully satisfying solution to the seeming love-triangle. (hide spoiler)]

  • Rowena Tylden-Pattenson
    2019-12-22 05:16

    I really enjoyed the first book in the Hope series, and the second didn’t disappoint. A little different from the first, it was still just what I needed after a long day of uni; short, easy-going, with a sweet character cast and not too taxing. And of course, with a heavy helping of humour- definitely my sort of thing after reading dry texts about peatlands for a good week (don’t ask).A couple of new characters introduced in this one, and although it’s pretty translucent as to what they’ll turn into, I’m quite looking forward to opening the next book. It’s very cute, quite feel-good even though it’s not nearly as chirpy as the first book, and full of moment you really are very grateful for not happening to /you/ in real life. It was nice to see a few snippets from Jake as well as Hope, and of course, a cliffhanger ending… I am just thankful I have the next book waiting for me to be read!Not as good as the first, but still worth reading.

  • Toni
    2020-01-20 05:24

    This book carries on where the first one finished. Hope is depressed after Jake left upset and hurt at what Hope had done. She's a mess and slowly starts to pull herself together. Then Hope notices the annoying new hot, arrogant neighbour who's just moved in. At first he makes her blood boil, but then eventually they begin to talk and become friends, there is some attraction there. Hope needs a date for a works do and he offers and Hope unwilling accepts. Unbeknown to Hope Jake is missing her and often drives past her house to keep an eye on her, he too notices the new hot neighbour of Hopes and gets jealous. Following a disastrous works event Hope gets alot closer to her new neighbour just as Jake picks up the courage to come and see her, sparks and fists fly, but what will Hope do and who does she like more? Another great read, when's the next one coming.

  • Mary Mooney
    2019-12-27 02:59

    I received a copy from the author for my honest review, so her it is. I love this series. It is a funny, heartwarming, sexy and all around great story line. It will pull you in and keep you there until the end, at least the end of this book. But how in the hell does Hope keep her senses with the sexy neighbor who infuriates her to no end. And how does she move on after what happened with Jake? Does she want to make things work with him or has he written her off? We still get to see Bette, her nosy neighbor and Darla, the 19 year old who wants Hope to teach her how to drive. What a fun loving ride we go on in this book. Such a great story. Love Alice Bello and her writing style. If you are looking for a feel good story, then you need to read this series. I hope book 3 comes out soon!

  • Dawn-Ann
    2019-12-30 03:12

    This was cute next installment, I liked it. I'm interested in reading the next book to see where it's going. I'm not sure why I'm not loving these books and it's kind of bothering me. I really like Hope and there are really funny parts. It's just missing something for me, maybe if i just read all the books back to back it would hot me better. But all in all it's a good read.We meet the new neighbor in this book and we get a little Jake.

  • Maria
    2020-01-19 00:18

    Oh Hope how do you get yourself into some of these messes?This is book 2 in the series and picks up right where the first left off. Giving you more of Hopes world where you meet her hunky new neighbor, see Jake's POV on some of whats going on, and learn more of her past. Excited for the final part in the series can't wait to see how it ends.

  • Monique
    2019-12-26 01:00

    Hope Entangles.So glad to get book 2 and read it straight away. Wishing it was longer purely for my own selfishness. Hope didn't disappoint again with her wit and humor. Loving the triangle story line, but have to say - Go Team Jake!Bring on book 3. I bet it will be just as great as the first 2.

  • Liz
    2020-01-19 01:14

    I loved this book even more than the first one. Why can't I have a hunky neighbor that bakes! I love the characters, they make me laugh. I cannot wait to see what happens next. I like that there are different POV's. I think that I am Team Jake. But I will have to wait and see I guess.

  • Crystal
    2020-01-13 00:01

    I love the characters in this novella series. Really cute funny short read. Why does it have to be so short tho?

  • Danielle
    2019-12-21 02:16

    There was not a lot of romancing going on in this book.I still found it funny.Waiting on the last book to come out.Who is she going to choose Jake or Raphael?

  • Kathleen Johnstone
    2019-12-21 03:01

    It was great!!

  • Maja
    2020-01-12 02:07

    Great book! I laughed my ass off! Can't wait for the final book to see who is gonna win Hope's heart ( i think i kinda already know :) )

  • Stacie
    2019-12-25 06:06

    3.5 Stars

  • MissIngrid Z
    2019-12-25 01:04

    Cute quirky Hope continued to entangle herself in more boy drama. Although I feel her twizzlers would you even begin to choose?!

  • Jenny Angell
    2020-01-13 02:24

    Loved loved this book it's funny sexy awesome characters roll on book 3

  • Catherine Norman
    2019-12-30 00:09

    One of the loveliest authors, I loved the first book and told Alice so and she do kindly sent me a copy of this before it was out, I consumed it in a few hours. Refreshing!

  • Claire
    2019-12-29 01:04

    Bloomin Marvellous!!