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Maribel dreams of the ocean, but has never been. Her overprotective aunt and uncle have kept her away from the place that calls to her at night. And trying to push them into taking her isn’t an option. She knows how much it hurts them to talk about the very thing that took her parents’ lives so many years ago in a boating accident. In fact Maribel never pushes anything witMaribel dreams of the ocean, but has never been. Her overprotective aunt and uncle have kept her away from the place that calls to her at night. And trying to push them into taking her isn’t an option. She knows how much it hurts them to talk about the very thing that took her parents’ lives so many years ago in a boating accident. In fact Maribel never pushes anything with her loving adopted family, until she meets Jaron. He is unbelievably hot and the only boy that she has ever been attracted to. For the first time in her life she feels exhilarated and truly alive. She can tell that he feels it too, so why does he keep disappearing on her? And why is it that as soon as her secretive brooding knight shows up, her world is turned upside down? People are following her, she’s having terrifying nightmares, and she suddenly gets the feeling that her beloved aunt and uncle are keeping something from her. Can she unravel the secrets of her past without her life falling apart along the way? Will the truth forever change the way she sees the people that she loves?...

Title : Landlocked
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Landlocked Reviews

  • Sarah
    2020-01-01 05:52

    (Downloaded for free from wasn’t anything horribly wrong with this book, it just wasn’t for me.Maribel was an okay character but I didn’t love her. I found her a little naïve, and she just didn’t ask questions that I thought she should ask. She never seemed to make a fuss when her aunt and uncle was so overprotective of her all the time, and just didn’t question things that seemed fishy (ha ha!)The storyline in this just didn’t suck me in, I don’t know whether it was maybe aimed at the lower end of YA, but I just didn’t enjoy it. It felt like the pace was very slow, and it took way too long for someone to actually tell Maribel what was going on.A lot was made of the speedy romance, but because I didn’t really love the characters, I didn’t love the romance either. It was also pretty quick and it seemed unlikely that someone supposedly so gorgeous would never have had a girlfriend or even a crush at 18 years of age.The ending to this was okay, but to be honest I was just glad to reach the end. I think other people might enjoy this one, but it just wasn’t for me unfortunately.4.5 out of 10

  • Tina
    2020-01-16 00:41

    First of all I have to say OMG what an ending! I did not see that coming and I am on pins and needles waiting to see what happens next. I really wanted to scream and jump up and down when I got to the end. Please hurry with book 2. Okay now that I got that off my chest, what did I think of Landlocked? Loved it! This was such a great YA book. Maribel lived a pretty sheltered life with her aunt and uncle who kept a very protective watch over her. She was happy and content until she met Jaron. Jaron brought out the adventurous side to Mari and their instant attraction threw her for a loop, especially since he was the first boy she had found herself attracted to. She fell for the handsome,intelligent, but very mysterious Jaron. She could feel he was hiding many secrets and a pain Mari could see in his eyes. The secrets her family and Jaron kept from her were more than she could have imagined.Landlocked pulled me in from page one and kept me wanting more. I have to say the more that C.S. Moore revealed, the more I fell head first into the story. I loved Jaron. He was handsome and witty, but the pain he had kept to himself broke my heart. I found myself wanting to cry for all the hurt he had faced in his life. Definitely my favorite character! Get Landlocked, it is a great YA read! You won't regret it!!

  • Amy
    2020-01-15 01:38

    Landlocked is a great YA read. I haven't read a lot of stories about mermaids, but this one was really well written.This story follows a young girl named Maribel, who has been raised by her over protective aunt and uncle. Maribel has always had a love for the ocean, but has never been there. Her life seems pretty normal until she meets a boy named Jaron. For the first time, she feels alive and confused by her feelings. He seems like a great guy, but is keeping things from her.......Landlocked was very interesting and had me intrigued from the very beginning. This story had love, loss, betrayal and lots of secrets. I'm not sure if this book is intended to be a stand alone or as part of a series. I hope that there will be another book because now that Maribel knows the truth about her life, I would like to know what will happen to her next and to see what the future will hold for Maribel and Jaron.I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review and I look forward to reading more from this author.

  • Marsha
    2019-12-31 04:49

    Landlocked by C.S. Moore is a terrific YA read. Now, I am usually not much about the mer scene, but this book is terrifically written. Love, loss, redemption, suspense, and complete shock. I may have popped a muscle in my jaw on that last sentence. I spent the next thirty minutes adjusting to all the preconceptions in this book that were changed by that one tiny sentence. And don't you dare read it first! This book is entrancing all by itself, but add the witch/princess factor and it becomes a complete win!I was gifted a copy of Landlocked in exchange for an honest review, and I will be forever a fan. Thank you C.S. Moore and my other dear friend who suggested it to me.

  • Marie-Therese
    2020-01-13 02:42

    Cover:The cover is not overloaded and I really like it, because it shows a wonderful and thrilling scene in the book and it just matched perfectly even if it's kind of restrained. But that has not to be bad. ;DContent:This book is about - for us - unearthly und no real creatures which are living under us humans. There is much love in Landlocked and I just love it! Maribel is overprotected by her aunt Silvia and her uncle Dylan. She's living with them since Mari's parents died in an accident - that's what Silvia told Mari, but is this story true?Silvia and Dylan love Mari like she's their own child and they protect her with everything they can - is this protection going in the wrong direction? Are they protecting her too much? Or is it justified?Maribel meets Jaron in school. He's awesome looking - like a God of a man. And he is charming and just lovable. Jaron is a real gentleman and and he is there for Mari when she needs him. There is a connection between them, which both don't understand, but they like it and learn to love each other. But Jaron is keeping secrets.. why can't he just tell her what's going on and why has he puffy eyes in lunch break at school?You can find out all the answer of this questions when you read the book! :D I asked myself these questions while reading and they all got answered.... in understandable, but also in strange ways. Find out what is the mistery around Maribel, her family and Jaron.Characters:Maribel ~ Mari is an awesome girl! I can identify myself wih her, 'cause on the first sight she is like every other girl, but on closer viewing she is a special person with a heart of gold. I just love her like I would love a little sister and I'm looking forward to read more of her.Jaron ~ He is lovable... a gentleman... sexy ( in my mind.... *0* like a for me too young god... xD) and he is the right guy for Maribel I think. I can't imagine anyone more perfect to be on her side! ♥Clarissa ~ haha Clarissa is the best example of how a best friend should be. :D Just the deep connection between her and Silvia is a thing I don't like that much.. I mean Clarissa's mom is the devil herself and I really hate her, but sometimes Clarissa is more thinking of how Silvia feels, than she is thinking of how Mari feels. That's the only thing I don't like that much about Clarissa, but beside of that, she is a stunning girl and I would love her to be my best friend. :DSilvia ~ Silvia is a strong and stunning woman. Highly overprotective, but awesome. At first I didn't liked Silvia that much, because the was like a clucking hen... ^^ It wrecked my nerves, but at the end of the book I understood why she is like she is and that she is just a marvellous woman.Dylan ~ Dylan..... Dylan.... *sigh*... *0*... He's a calm person (almost always.. xD and he is just a good man like Jaron would be if he's older. ♥ Dylan is as protective as Silvia, but he can hide his worries way better than his wife! xD He would be the perfect father to his own kids, if he had own kids. But he hasn't and so he's the perfect surrogate father. :DStyle of Writing:I was soaked into the book from the beginning and not just because I love book of that style! Landlockes is more than well written I think and it's pretty good understandable! ♥Conclusion:My conclusion is, that I'm in love with this book and I would marry it, if it wouldn't be strange to marry a book.. xD I'm giving Landlocked 5 of 5 stars! And I'm sooo looking forward to the next book (because there is a bad, bad, bad, bad cliffhanger at the end.... AHHH... can't wait *bites nails*!)! ♥Landlocked

  • Abbie
    2020-01-06 03:41

    Maribel wasn't an awful character, But I can't say that I really liked her. She annoyed me quite a bit, and she seemed to go along with things a little too easily.This one dragged for me, so I was bored through most of it unfortunately. I just couldn't get interested in the story, and having a main character that I didn't really like, didn't help.Overall, Not a read I enjoyed, unfortunately.

  • Dayna McCall
    2020-01-09 23:51

    This book was amazing!! I couldn't even put it down! And yes I usually read my books in a day, two at most... This book was incredible! I read it in half a day because I couldn't put it down. I hope for the second book? Pease out ✌️

  • Grace Young
    2020-01-03 04:52

    Amazing paranormal mystery with tons of sexual tension!

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2020-01-03 02:52

    3.5/5.0Watch out, folks! High School has never been more turbulent! Read full review in the 2013 Dec/Jan Holiday issue of InD’tale Magazine.

  • Blaize Alias
    2020-01-12 05:52

    Love it!It is not a lot of times that I am really entranced in a book and this is one of them. I really thought it was amazing, and the plot is so brilliant. There are a lot of questions to so, yeah, I love me some mystery.

  • Amanda
    2020-01-19 07:03

    This was an amazing read and had me hooked from the start. Maribel is a mermaid but doesn’t know it yet. Maribel has been raised by her aunt and uncle but as it turns out they have been keeping a big secret from her. She meets a boy(Jaron) and for the first time she has feelings for someone. Jaron is sweet and charming and you will fall for him as so as you meet him, but he also is keeping secrets, I found the story to be suspenseful and intriguing. I liked how Maribel comes in to her own. And is starting to learn to stand on her own two feet. I love how much Dylan and Silvia Care for Maribel. And the way Jaron and Maribel care for each other. The ending had me pissed but in a good. Way.

  • Promisary
    2019-12-23 22:39

    Ommmmgggggg C.S. what have you done to meeeee. I'm obsessed with this book! Like seriously, OBSESSED. Let me just start with how AMAZING THIS WORLD IS. Like ... I'm just going to go daydream about this world... ok not the point... the plot is amazing. I was immediately pulled in from page one and couldn't let go. Give me morrrrreeeee <3

  • Pam
    2019-12-31 04:41

    Maribel would love to go see the ocean. It calls to her and she dreams of it. Her aunt and uncle won't let her go near it and are very protective of her. She has everything she could want and is very well taken care of. She just wish she understood her dreams. Then a new boy comes to town and for the first time Maribel is drawn to a boy. Jaron is a mystery to her and while he seems like he would do nothing to hurt her, he does have a secret he is keeping from her. Maribel has noticed she has people following her and she needs to know what her uncle and aunt are hiding. She is in danger she just doesn't know why. Maribel is the pretty girl everyone seems to love. She isn't stuck up or snobby and isn't close to a lot of people. She knows something is being kept from her and she wants to know what. Jarod seems to always be around when she needs saving. He is keeping a big secret but it is for good reasons. I love these two characters as they are sweet at times but also have fire underneath. This was a very enjoyable book as you can tell it is about mermaids but in a different way. Most of the story lets you know Maribel and what type of person she is. You see her dreams and see what she wants to know. There is an element of danger as someone is after Maribel you just don't know why at first. Getting to know all the characters was a joy. There is the falling in love for the first time as well in this story and the author has written it in a good way. There is a reason Maribel is drawn to Jarod and she has to see how she truly feels. There are a few twist and turns that you may not see coming and I will say the ending really surprised me. I did not see it coming and need to know what happens next. If you like YA paranormal books, books about mermaids or just an engaging read I would recommend this one.

  • Marymichele
    2020-01-03 00:48

    I received this book from a goodreads giveaway. OMG I loved this book. I hate cliff hangers though! I literally yelled out "No!" when I got to the last page. I had a little trouble when Mari so easily accepted what her abilities were in her original discussion with Jaron. She just kind of glossed over the fact that she could suddenly do something that should be impossible. That part was hard to read, but I got over it quickly enough. Loved this book, cannot wait for the next one to come out. Will definitely be following this author and series!

  • Jacklynn Sizemore
    2020-01-08 04:05

    This story is awesome. It's about Maribell and her uncle and aunt. You would not guess what they are right away and wow it's so amazing. Then one day she meets Jaron oh so dream. He is so mystery and just so good looking with a bid of bad boy to him. The story of him is so sad. To know more grab your copy today this is so so so a must read!!!!!!

  • Tara Humphrey
    2019-12-26 03:42

    This was an interesting book. I feel like a lot of it is a set up to the other books but it really started getting interesting towards the end. I have to say that I'm intrigued to find out how Jaron's gift is going to work under water. This one is going on my list so that I don't forget out the next book coming out!

  • Shani
    2019-12-30 03:58

    I will say at first I was getting a little impatient to get to the point but then once it did, everything fell into place, and the cliffhanger left me saying Nooooooo!!! so I hope C.S. Moore comes out with the next one soon, because I am already anticipating it!!! Great Job!!

  • Jennifer
    2020-01-08 02:39

    Exciting I can't wait for more, please let there be more, it can't end that way!!! Hope she finds her dad, and marries Jaron! LOL

  • Kristin diefenbacher
    2020-01-03 03:52

    AmazingWhen will the next book be out I just want to know what happens! This book was so captivating and magical.

  • Stacia Hall
    2020-01-01 02:42

    I really enjoyed this one. The story really reels you in! I want to find out what's next!

  • Megan (Ginger Mom)
    2020-01-08 02:54

    I adored this book! I loved its characters and the way that, 3/4 of the way through the book, I was still on the edge of my seat guessing. This was an amazing twist on the typical mermaid tale and I loved it. And just when you think the author has tied up most of the loose ends, she throws in one last cliffhanger that leaves you staring at the last page, mouth hanging open in shock! I can't wait to read book 2!

  • Star
    2020-01-15 01:51

    This book feels like it does not even start until 2/3ds of the way thru. Just Fyi do NOT jump into this book after just reading a high action fast paced book or you will feel like you hit a brick wall.Ah the plot. It isn't bad...but its sooooooo increeeeedibly slooooooooooow and SO MUCH drool! By all rights the characters should have drowned in it, or at least been swept away in the tidal wave the moment the MC's laid eyes on each other. I guess realistically the pictures the author tried to draw of deep heartfelt romance were lost on me after the millionth time I had to read about how the stretch of an 18 year olds shirt across his arms/chest/abs was captivating beyond all reason to the point that 20 minutes passed once where she just stared and lost all connection with reality. Yeah you read that right. 20. Minutes. Of. Staring. It was SO fascinating to read too. (NOT)Anyway after you flip thru most of the book you get some super basic answers that still don't explain much and then more bad guys are hinted at and it is discussed at length how no one should/could or will tell anyone else anything important and why no one is telling anyone anything important and how not knowing anything is super important. Because y'all are SO MUCH SAFER THAT WAY!!!! Did you get that? We cant talk about the bad guys. We all know they are there but shhhhh its really important we not talk about the bad guys. Except in vague terms in hushed whispers and only to restate how important it is to NOT TALK ABOUT THE BAD GUYS.And with that you have pretty much the entire plot. Overprotective parents. Boy meets girl. Much drool ensues. Bad guys. Drooling. Not talking about bad guys. Boy-Girl saccharine Romeo style mush. Drooling. Lies. More Boy-Girl Mush. Drool. Girl finds out about lies. Short lived rebellion. SECRETS. MORE SECRETS. Secret revealed!.......Ready? ........The bad guys want to kill you. And maybe your bf too. SURPRISE! The end.Grudging update: So that last minute end twist? Might just be enough to make me pick up the next book. Still pretty crabby about the amount of drooling and the drooling and oh yeah the drooling. But whatevs, curiosity really might be the end of me.

  • Laura
    2020-01-03 03:57

    This was really slow moving and pretty frustrating most of the time. I am just over the whole we have to keep this a secret until she's old enough to handle it thing because when you lie to someone their whole life it makes it that much more difficult for them to handle it. Ugh! Just not for me.

  • Kimberley Chace
    2019-12-27 05:41

    Slloooowwwwwww...Then BAM,Mega cliff hanger. THEN, there's no second book yet. Total bummer. There's so much potential for this series, but it needs more. More clarification for starters and definitely a faster (but not too fast) pace.

  • Savannah Knutson
    2020-01-08 05:59

    LandlockedWarning- if you don't like cliff hangers DO NOT READ!!!!!!!!Besides the horrid ending it was truly a great book with romance and adventure.

  • Kayla Thomas
    2020-01-09 03:42

    Holy smokes! Moore created a spicy, action packed spin on one of my favorite mythological creatures with a killer cliffhanger ending. I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in the series.