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Seventeen-year-old Ryan Poitier Sharpe is a gutsy, outgoing girl who spends her summer days hurling herself out of planes at her parents’ skydiving center in the Mojave Desert. Fiercely independent and willing to take risks, she challenges those around her to live life fully. But after a brush with death, Ryan is severely altered—she’s not the same thrill-seeking girl sheSeventeen-year-old Ryan Poitier Sharpe is a gutsy, outgoing girl who spends her summer days hurling herself out of planes at her parents’ skydiving center in the Mojave Desert. Fiercely independent and willing to take risks, she challenges those around her to live life fully. But after a brush with death, Ryan is severely altered—she’s not the same thrill-seeking girl she once was and seems to be teetering on the edge of psychosis. As her relationships crumble and her life unravels, Ryan must fight the girl she’s become—or lose herself forever—in this eerie and atmospheric thriller....

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mirage Reviews

  • Heather Petty
    2019-11-10 22:09

    Here is where I will list some of the things I love about this book: 1. Ryan is this amazingly complex character. We get to see her as a fearless badass one minute and a wounded little girl the we all are. She reads so real to me, and I love her. 2. Nothing is tidy in this story. There aren't any shiny red bows on anything, no easy answers. 3. Maybe because this is set up as a stark reality, the supernatural pieces feel as real and true as the rest of it, and that feeling compounds the creepiness. Overall, I was so thoroughly in love with Ryan by the end of the story, I wanted to keep following her into her next adventure! (and the next...and the next) Everyone needs Ryan in their lives! Buy this book the minute it comes out. You will love.

  • S.E. Green
    2019-11-07 21:51

    A psychological thriller that will blow your mind and leave you questioning what you really do see when you look in a mirror.

  • Rashika (is tired)
    2019-11-16 23:13

    ***This review has also been posted on The Social PotatoMy feelings about this book are complicated because while I thoroughly enjoyed it, Mirage walks a thin line between dealing with mental health and being a thriller and the two don’t overlap in a way which allows both things to be explored and established completely.What the book does do well is teenagers. Teens who have sex, who make bad decisions, who drink and party, have sex, take risks, fall in love, fuck up friendships, everything. Tracy Clark has such a nice balance between all of things where various things define these characters rather than just what they do when they aren’t working. They are more than just what they do, they are defined by their relationships with the people around them, they are defined by their relationship struggles, they just are. My initial reason for being drawn to this book was that it was a psychological thriller and I love my psychological thrillers. The problem was that the psychological thrillerness aspect of this book came at the cost of having a real discussion about mental illness. I honestly don’t know what words to use to put this better and make my criticism spoiler free but I feel like the book tried to hard to be a psychological thriller that it kind of just dismissed mental health issues when it could have engaged in them and had a discussion and just been all around better for doing that? Having said that, this book features so many wonderful relationships I could cry. Ryan has a best friend who she is super close with even though he doesn’t really like her boyfriend. She has a boyfriend who in spite of not being liked by this best friend isn’t actually sketchy. He is actually pretty sweet for the most part and a little like Ryan herself. He makes bad decisions but also, he genuinely loves and cares for Ryan and that is obvious. Ryan also has a complicated relationship with her parents because her dad has PTSD but one of the most important things about their relationship is that even though they all hurt each other from time to time, they love one another and it’s okay to not be an obnoxiously happy family all the time. The plot could have been a little bit more well put together so that the book felt a little bit more like a thriller/mystery but I adored the setting and the uniqueness of it. How many books have you read that are set in a skydiving center?One thing I can say for certain though is that I did have fun reading the book and it went by really fast. There are some issues and it isn’t perfect but it worth the read if you are looking for something quick to read that will have you invested.Note that I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  • Megalion
    2019-11-19 20:07

    This is one of those books that is hard to write a review for. What makes the book so interesting and worth reading is something that would be a spoiler to include. The synopsis does a good job of setting the scene. Also of relevance to the story, there's a great deal of pressure on the family as the business is in danger of going belly up. For those who like stories about sky-diving, this is definitely a book for you as it is an integral part of the story.Go along with Ryan as she revels in adrenaline highs, examines why that is, struggles with her relationship with her father, starts losing her sense of self and tries to stop her life from derailing.Recommended for YA readers especially. Also good for those who enjoy YA. I did classify it as in the supernatural genre but it's not an intense part of the plot. More like mystical beliefs and superstitions.Thank you to the publisher for the free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

  • Dr.Mandi
    2019-12-06 15:49

    Mirage took my breath away! What an incredible book, so beautifully written and haunting all at the same time. I literally felt like I had experienced a mirage after reading it. The very definition of a mirage is something that appears real or possible but is not in fact so. That is exactly how I felt after I read the last page of the book.... Kind of like all mixed up inside, a little confused even though I know what occurred. I was left with a lingering experience of a mirage like did that just happen, what just happened... What was real and what wasn't? It is hard to put into words but that's how one feels after seeing a mirage in the desert. I have never had such an experience while reading a book. Usually I read the words and I may feel certain feelings, but this was a specific experience. I highly recommend this book!

  • Chris Ledbetter
    2019-11-10 15:55

    “…trumpets and neon and hot sauce.” That about sums up this book. Psychological. Thriller.This story is a whisper that strikes like a velvet hammer. It defines the universal struggle to be unapologetically oneself, and to be truly seen.Gutsy sky diver tests the limits of her mortality while being both an inspiration and a cautionary tale, simultaneously. What she finds as she draws ever closer to the precipice is truly haunting. The narrative hurtles toward a final few chapters that left me breathless.I absolutely love Ryan to the sun and back. She’s brazen and badass, yes. But sometimes the fearlessness masks her vulnerability, which is the thread that knits together the entire tale. The author walks the line between sanity and psychosis, between dauntless fortitude and unguarded nakedness, with nimble deft.

  • Sara
    2019-11-07 16:44

    "Your reflection is your own."I have been following Tracy Clark on Facebook since I read Scintillate about a year ago, and as a stalker fan, I’ve witnessed the process she’s gone through to write Mirage. I’ve seen the skydiving pictures, I remember the questions about respectfully creating ethnically diverse characters. I know how much of herself she pours into her stories, and this is why I treasure her books. She is nothing if not the definition of authentic. Mirage is a departure from her Light Key Trilogy. It’s considered a YA thriller, and the feel of the story is different immediately. Ryan, the main character, is brazen, perhaps overly so; she is a too-self-assured 17-year-old whose bravado is a cover for the ache she feels due to her father’s coldness. There were times when I didn’t like her, to be honest; I found her total disregard for her family and friends selfish. However, I then remembered that she is a teenager and, well, teenagers are known for their selfishness. (It’s been far too long since I’ve been a teen, so I tend to forget these minor details). Everything changes when Ryan has a few odd . . . encounters? Yes, let’s just call them encounters. Ryan is suddenly scared, withdrawn, and possibly borderline psychotic. And this is where the mystery lies. Is Ryan actually psychotic? Is something supernatural at play? The beauty of this story is that every reader will draw their own conclusion. Tracy is tricky like that; I don’t believe she gives a definitive answer. Or does she? The story is solid, which isn’t a word I would normally use, but it’s true! It’s bold, brash, and unapologetically honest—just like its main character. It’s frustrating, and it’s hauntingly sad. There are just so many layers, and they are all beautifully constructed. I can’t tell you how many screenshots I took of amazing quotes I wanted to use in the review. 5/5 Stars. Heartbreaking, beautiful, intelligent, meticulously crafted.QuotesJoe starts to touch my hair and then stops himself like a good and proper best friend. My hair does not like being touched. “Honey, you could never be invisible. Not you. You’re trumpets and neon and hot sauce.”“Go home, poppet. Check on your grandmother. I’ll speak to you later. In the meantime, why don’t you ponder the treasure that is this life, cause baby girl, you spend it like it’s cash burning a hole in your pocket.”Like clockwork, when I laugh, Mom laughs. And my mother doesn’t just chuckle. Her laugh is full-bodied and carbonated. Her laugh is dark, sticky soda. Clarity strikes like lightning. We never die. Never. I feel like the universe has whispered a secret. The secret. We are as eternal as the winds that flow like rivers.

  • Stephanie Ward
    2019-11-28 20:44

    'Mirage' is a young adult contemporary thriller where the threat doesn't come from someone else, but from inside the main character herself. I was excited to read this book from the moment I read the description, and I wasn't disappointed. The concept of fighting a battle within oneself isn't necessarily a new one, but it hasn't been used in this way in a long time. The book is written in the first person point of view - from our main character's perspective - which made the entire story much more personal and suspenseful. I love the first person POV, and I think it was the perfect choice for the novel. Ryan was a fantastic main character and I enjoyed getting to know her - all of her - throughout the book. I don't want to give away any spoilers, so I can't really say much more about the plot than what the description states. It's an interesting concept of self versus self - a raging battle between two sides of the same person. We all have aspects of ourselves that we hide or suppress as best we can, so this was a fascinating look at what can happen in someone's psyche. It's thrilling because it could possibly happen to you or someone you know - that aspect alone made the book thrilling. It's not the normal type of thriller that I'm used to reading, but it was a welcome change in the genre. I definitely recommend it to fans of thrillers, suspense, mysteries, and contemporary YA fiction!Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Fallon
    2019-11-30 22:48

    Mirage was an adventure into the mind where some dare not take a closer look. Tracy took every aspect of people and amped the question of insanity, humanity and vulnerability. I was completely wrapped up in Ryan and what was happening to her throughout. The story is so fast paced you will fly though it. I love the fact that if you read this over and over again you would find new details every time.

  • Jacci
    2019-12-05 20:07

    I really enjoyed this book. It had a memorable protagonist, an intriguing family and an unusual setting. The story line kept me turning pages!

  • Izzie
    2019-11-26 20:50

    Mirage is about Ryan Poitier Sharpe a teenage girl with a love of all that is dangerous. Whether she is jumping out of planes at her parent’s skydiving center or taking other risks, she challenges everyone around her to embrace life to the fullest. However, after a LSD trip gone wrong, Ryan is no longer the same. She is afraid of the things she used to embrace and her relationships begin to fall apart. Ryan must fight for her identity before it is too late and the new Ryan destroys everything. Overall, I really enjoyed this novel because it surpasses the restrictions of reality and fantasy. Although the jump into the paranormal surprised me at first, after finishing the book I am glad that the author included it. Ryan is also a dynamic character whose range of emotion is both realistic and relatable. I think readers will really appreciate the nuances of Ryan’s personality, which shows that despite her self-confidence she is insecure just like the rest of us. Finally, I thought that this book dealt with issues such as PTSD and mental illness in a poignant manner that exposes readers to the complexity of both. I think this book could be used to expose students to the difficulties of mental illness in a manner that is both engaging and relatable. It could be used as a conversation starter about how to improve access to mental health services, as the main characters are noticibley underserved. One thing to note, nonetheless, is that there are several sex scenes and a suicide attempt.

  • Holly
    2019-12-03 22:11

    Wow. What an absolute rush this book was! It’s fitting that a book starring a girl who has jumped from airplanes dozens of times would create an adrenaline surge in the reader, I suppose. I certainly felt my heart racing as I raced through this book! I felt like I didn’t just read it, I devoured it. And it was spectacular!Tracy’s characters all felt so real, despite the fact that I only spent about 4-5 hours over the course of 2 days reading the book. They each connected with me from their first appearance on the page. Characterization is a skill I respect so much in a writer, because the number one thing that will make me connect with a book (and result in a 5-star review) - even above plot, adventure, romance, whatever - is GREAT CHARACTERS. In Mirage, Tracy has given us characters so real I laughed, freaked out, and cried (okay, bawled) right along with them. I absolutely adore our MC, Ryan, a 17-year-old biracial girl, daughter of a mom from the Caribbean and a white father who suffers from PTSD after serving in Iraq. I really felt Ryan’s need for her father’s approval and respect, and her belief that she didn’t have either. Her dad was a hard-ass, but I really felt for him, at the same time. Her mother was delightful, as was her grandma, who I totally fell in love with! Oh, Gram. She had some great stories and an amazing...sixth sense? Magical ability? Whatever you’d call it, I just adore her, too. Ryan’s BFF, Joe, was also wonderful (and my heart broke when they fought), and I could go on for days and days about Dom. Dom, Dom, DOM!!! I looooove Dom!On top of great characters, I love the plot for Mirage, too. Ryan has a near-death experience and begins to feel haunted, to lose herself completely. Her family and friends battle to get her help, but she swears she’s not crazy. We are just as unsure as her family about what’s going on (because we hear it from Ryan, who becomes an unreliable narrator), and it was heartbreaking to watch Ryan’s love of life, her spontaneous, risk-taking nature, just melt away. I felt a little crazy right along with her at times! Tracy definitely made me wonder what it must be like to have schizophrenia, or to think you might have it, and I can’t imagine how truly frightening it must be to have that happen. I love how her family and friends rallied around her, though, and Ryan is such a strong girl that she has a lot of fight in her.I just love this book so much, and I would highly recommend it! You should especially read this if you enjoy psychological thrillers. If you’re a parent wondering if it’s okay for your child to read, I personally would recommend it for 15 and up. Thank you so much to Rockstar Book Tours for having me on the blog tour, and to HMH BFYR for allowing me to read an early copy!

  • Madeline Dyer
    2019-11-29 17:12

    Wow, this book! A great, action-packed thriller with a deep message...Ryan was such a great character--a strong, likeable girl who was soooo believable. And the writing in this book is beautiful. Sooo beautiful. My head's kind of mush after reading this one as it was so good and I can't stop thinking about the ending. All the characters were well-written, rounded, and had flaws. This is the first book I've read by Tracy Clark, but I'll definitely be picking up another!

  • MaryClaire Boucher
    2019-11-12 22:53

    I am a big fan of Tracy Clark's Light Key Trilogy, Scintillate however, this book takes it to a whole new level. The characters are beautifully diverse and believable. She puts the main character, Ryan, in real world scenarios, like potential loss of the family business and a retired soldier Dad with PTSD, right along side a front row experience with the super-natural. It is hard to tell where realty begins and ends. The pace is an adrenalin rush on par with the skydiving so beautifully described. I could not put it down once I started the ride. But it is not without humor and well placed levity. Clark's writing is down to earth and poetic providing a voice that makes the reader want to find their own inner bravery. I will happily read every book Tracy Clark writes! They keep getting better and better.

  • Lynndell
    2019-11-07 22:45

    Thanks to NetGalley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for the arc of Mirage by Tracy Clark! Ryan loves skydiving and she does it often because her parents own a skydive business. Ryan starts seeing another reflection in the mirror along with her own and she sees eyes looking at her in random places. She feels as though someone is watching her. Ryan loves adrenaline so much, it's almost like a death wish. Something changes and Ryan is not the same, she has to struggle for her identity amid confusion, heartbreak and tragedy. Mirage is a powerful story that I read in one evening because I became so immersed that it was impossible for me to stop. Some adult content described vaguely (for those readers who prefer to know ahead of time). Mirage contains dynamic characters, suspense and thrills and it is a deep and thought provoking story! I would read it again!

  • Hilary
    2019-11-16 14:45

    Seventeen-year-old Ryan Poitier Sharpe is a gutsy, outgoing girl who spends her school break jumping out of planes at her parents’ skydiving center. Complex and independent, Ryan enjoys taking risks and embraces life fully. But after a brush with death, Ryan changes and battles a mental slide that leads to psychosis. As her relationships crumble and her life unravels, Ryan must fight to become the girl she once was in an atmospheric and gripping contemporary thriller. The theme of self-versus-self is made more intense by the first-person point-of-view. The characters are authentic and well-drawn, particularly Ryan and her father, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Set against the backdrop of the Mojave Desert, Mirage is a memorable page-turner.

  • Briana Morris
    2019-11-18 20:01

    I loved this book so much. It makes you want to love life more and not take it for granted. This book will have you wanting to cry, laugh, and be angry throughout the book. Definitely a recommended read!

  • Connie (hoot reads books)
    2019-11-10 15:57

    Wow this story is an eye opener and with a powerful message in the end. This is a must read folks!*******Stop what you're doing right now and go get this book! Buy it, borrow it, trade it, do what it takes to get a copy as long as it's legal because this is a story I think everyone must read! Not convinced yet? Then check out my full review at hoot reads books

  • Taiyanna Sims
    2019-11-16 18:08

    Really liked this book!!!! Ryan who's an adrenaline junkie and lives life in the fast lane, has a near death experience. Afterwards she starts having paranormal things happening to her. Hallucinations and the like. Very good! Real rating: 4.8

  • Joana
    2019-12-05 14:49

    This book make my day because the author gives justice about what happening inside the head of main character Ryan. I will recommend it to those people who like a good psychological thriller.

  • Anne
    2019-11-09 17:52

    I love that there is a strong, ethnic, female protagonist in this book, clearly featured in the cover art as well. Ryan is 17 and she is addicted to adrenaline, especially in the form of skydiving. Oh, and getting her thrills with bad boy boyfriend Dom as well. Due to this relationship, there is some sexual content and innuendo that is better suited to high school and older audiences. Ryan is thrilled that her parent's skydiving center is on the short list of places to host a competition that could save their struggling business. However, she needs to prove to her dad that she is good enough to be a part of the action. Sadly, everything she does just sets him more against her involvement, especially when she overdoses on LSD. After that incident, everything about Ryan changes and they are convinced that she is going crazy or that the drugs have been a catalyst for a latent mental illness. Lots of action and adventure. However, there are times when the voice of Ryan is hard to distinguish from another character and can be confusing to less than competent readers. I think teens will be drawn to the drama of the story, though.

  • Janine
    2019-11-20 17:12

    Read up to chapter 15 but just couldn't go any further. Wasn't enjoying the caotic and neurotic ness of this plot and style of writing the main character's storyline even though this is probably exactly what the author intended to portray. No doubt others would say this is what makes it a good book, just wasn't my cup of tea.

  • ♡
    2019-12-01 22:10

    1 ⭐️

  • Jason Roer
    2019-12-01 19:10

    I don’t often write reviews but I was compelled to for this outstanding novel. What a well-written, riveting story! I fell in love with the main character, Ryan, from the first chapter. How can you not love a girl who’s giving the finger to death with glee, leaping out of planes to soar through the air? Ryan is a daring, intelligent, thrill-seeking young woman and someone you want to be your best friend. And yet we get to see her softer side as well, the wounded side. She’s someone we can relate to for her flaws as well as her strengths.My mind was in overdrive visualizing the story as the novel flew by. Rich, vivid characters and details pop off the pages making the story come alive, beckoning you to dive further into the often emotional mystery. Mirage is a mind-bending, chilling, psychological thriller that harkens back to the king of cinematic psychological thrillers, The Sixth Sense. It will keep you guessing and turning pages into the wee hours of the night when your eyes say it’s sleepytime, but your mind won’t let you put the book down. Mirage is a book you won’t soon forget. And a book you will die to revisit.

  • Scott Neuffer
    2019-11-30 19:02

    I read this book in a couple sittings because the writing was so good. Clark is a natural lyricist, and the mountain/desert setting and sky/mirror parallel in the plotline provide ample space for her poetic writing to dance and dazzle. This is a supernatural thriller with serious psychological complexity. "What's true is that I don't know what's true," says the skydiving, head-tripping, adrenaline-junky protagonist, Ryan. After a bad experience with LSD, Ryan becomes torn between different sides of her personality, and, more literally, between life and death. Besides offering beautiful prose--including some vivid stream-of-consciousness writing--and a fair share of mind-bending thrills, MIRAGE is a fascinating read on the nature of identity and selfhood and those mysterious, inimitable songs inside us that continually beckon toward some fuller version of life.

  • Evelyn
    2019-11-24 16:13

    It's not the book's fault that I couldn't get into this! I borrowed a copy from work, and I have to turn it in tomorrow, and I just didn't give it enough time and attention--since I'm back at school. I hope someone else can enjoy this though, and maybe I'll give it another chance in the future.

  • Valary
    2019-12-03 20:11

    oddly poetic mix of psychosis/haunting

  • Amber
    2019-12-06 22:46

    Eh eh n eh.

  • Kelly Sierra
    2019-11-21 16:07

    You know what, I didn't like the other series by Clark.... and I really did not like this book. It was convoluted.

  • Kaitlyn Abshire
    2019-11-12 15:05

    This book was won through Goodreads giveaways. While this book did have some good potential, I was not a fan of the paranormal aspects. I will not be finishing this one. DNF at 53%.