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Can two men stop running long enough to find each other? The story of an Irish detective and a mysterious Scot. Two men meet on a stretch of highway between nowhere and Dundee, Scotland. What secret does each man hold? And what will happen if those truths are ever revealed? Both men have much to lose. And something crucial to gain, if only they can stop running....

Title : burns too deep
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ISBN : 26225618
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 72 Pages
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  • Alex Akira
    2019-11-24 10:28

    72. Seventy-two could possibly be the number of times I sighed in pleasure. Or the number of paces in this delicate dance of love. Or the number of verses in this breathtaking and lyrical sonnet of reclamation and healing. Seventy-two could be the number of times my eyelids crinkled in delight or the number of times they widened in astonishment. Or perhaps seventy-two was the weight of my heart before I unlocked the devilishly clever riddle of this enchanting and sensuous tale. But no, that figure is small to express the number of ethereal butterflies that fluttered in my belly, my heart, and my soul only to escape in squirms, smiles, and tiny “OMG” murmurs from my gaping mouth. I’m certain seventy-two tears welled. Perhaps one tear for each page of this astonishingly lovely “Hallelujah” to love… and yes, I mean that in a Jeff Buckley way.Those who follow the author’s Nevada Highlander series will be pleased to find this is a tale of Detective Thomas Fitzgerald, one of the charming but lonely supporting constables from the previous novels. I rubbed my hands in glee upon hearing this, for Fitz is one of my favorite characters and I so wanted him to find a lover. But I was in no way prepared for the wealth of stimulation, delight, and wonder I experienced as this strange and bewitching tale unfolded. I don’t know how quite to express its beauty; it stirred me. Lingering remnants of classic tales appeared, swam, and dissolved in my psyche. Poe, Dickens, Wilde, and darker ghostly tales all teased the peripheral of my mind as I devoured this succulent and haunting tale of two men meeting on a dark lonely stretch of road.I know I’m not really saying what the story is about, but I refuse to spoil a truly not-to-be-missed experience. The tease of it, the twist of it—the gentle give-and-take between two cautious strangers—is fascinating and fulfilling like splashes of sunlight dappling on the surface of crystalline water. Lovely and sparkling, even as dark unknowables dart beneath the water’s edge. There is food and ale and tender clumsy advances. There is the trembling, heart-thudding sex of those who have been without for too long. There is the fear of what could be, what might be, and what might not have been at all. ‘Burns too Deep’ is definitely an apt title for this “phoenix rising from the ashes” tale. Is it hot, yes, for damn sure. But more than that, the story is a marvelous multilayered riddle powered by the mystery of love and an author with a knack for language. My heart raced and pounded and mourned…only to beat louder still. How poignant and deep does this story burn? At the book’s end, I stared blankly at my Kindle like I had been shot in the heart. Perhaps it was Cupid, for I then hugged it to my chest like a lover… and grinned…totally in love.Thank you, Erin O’Quinn, if your books were candy I would have no teeth, but fortunately they are like ambrosia wine and I am again drunk on the beauty and originality of your words.“Haunting, Exhilarating, Not-to-be-Missed”NOTE: This book was provided by the author for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

  • Bo
    2019-11-24 08:24

    Brilliant and ScorchingAfter your jaw has dropped to your navel when you get to the last sentence of this brilliantly devised and scorchingly written novella, you will have one of two other reactions:1) OMG how perfect!, or2) When's the sequel?Erin O'Quinn tucked a Police Scotland Irishman, of all things, one Thomas Fitzgerald, into two of the Nevada Highlander books and under demands from her fiercely loyal readers pluck him out, put him on the cover, and slipped him into a plot of his own. In this case, Thomas is thrown into a serendipitous traffic mishap with a real Scot, man named Burns, which has all the appearances of a bit of a nasty to-do, but in reality turns into an exciting, believable adventure and heart-thumping love story that you cannot get out of your head.If you were not too inclined to take the "insta-love" part of this book seriously (O'Quinn's words), you would have to throw five or more stars at her simply because of her way with words. There are at least a dozen instances when you will simply look at her sentences and look up from your Kindle and wonder how in the world she found the lyrics to that beautiful line. What crystalizes that feeling more is the savvy way she deals with the narrative--third person when she is telling it from Thomas' POV, and a brief one-page first-person from Burns (no first names, please, yet) that split you in half. Now, little bit of disclosure here: I opened this book and saw the dedication--Erin O'Quinn dedicated it to me and another rabid dog of a fan of hers, and my jaw dropped to my knees. That does not and would not alter my feeling about this seriously besotted after-dinner-read: One of her shortest, and in turn, one of her best. Get it now.

  • Rodd Clark
    2019-11-22 09:34

    “He had measured this man for wings and could not stop now.” It is lines such as that which makes this a writer worth further study. If you are lucky, somewhere between literature and erotica you find a wonderful author like Erin O'Quinn. With her passionate embrace of the Irish, or the Scotsman, with their roguish nature and decidedly colorful vernacular, you find yourself carried along her journey as much a good mate as those lovers in her tale. It is clear that Erin falls in love with the characters she creates. And to our joy; the reader falls just as deeply. It is a short read but no less entertaining and it is in the very least, writing worth sharing with friends. I was titillated and amused and it left me eager for more. Miss O’Quinn is not cut from the same cookie cutter mold of some writers, and for that I am thankful. Kudo’s to the author for an excellent and enjoyable ride.

  • Paula Radell
    2019-11-07 04:27

    One word comes to mind when I think about my reaction to Erin O'Quinn's newly released novella, Burns Too Deep. SPELLBOUND. (adj.) "to be bound by, or as if bound by a spell; enchanted, entranced, or fascinated." It's an adjective I rarely use, generally reserved for only the best fiction in literature or film. But it fits this short book to a T.Erin O'Quinn packs so much power into so few words; her passion for the places and the people she writes about leaps off the page. She has a remarkable talent for character development; she takes complex, deep characters and, using vivid imagery, descriptions and dialogue, delivers them straight to the reader's heart. The remarkably strong, yet mysteriously fragile principal characters in this novella - Thomas Fitzgerald and "Burns" (no first name yet!) - are as intriguing and enigmatic as they are masculine and silent. I wasn't ready for the end. I even messaged Erin and begged for a no avail. All I can say is that there is one cliffhanger that will set your imagination on fire and make you beg for the sequel (currently in progress).Find out for yourself. One-click the beginning of what promises to be an utterly captivating story right now.

  • Alp Mortal
    2019-11-20 04:30

    My name is Alp Mortal and I'm an Erin O'Quinnoholic.Having read the first three Gaslights Mysteries (there are 2 more but I'm saving them), I figured I would give Burns a shot - or rather, let Burns give me a shot. I had pretty high expectations of this story - I was not disappointed at all. In fact, the story had me wrapped around its little finger from page one, and I suspect that the series as a whole will have me crawling to the chiropractor.And the strangest thing happened as I was reading part one; these words from Little Gidding by T S Eliot just flooded my mind -... For last year's words belong to last year's language And next year's words await another voice.But, as the passage now presents no hindrance To the spirit unappeased and peregrineBetween two worlds become much like each other,So I find words I never thought to speakIn streets I never thought I should revisitWhen I left my body on a distant shore ...Something unlocked them. I have a theory that all art, and therefore artists, are connected, throughout the whole of history. I think sometimes we see or hear the 'intersection' of warp and weft - I definitely felt a resonance. Part one is lyrical, if not poetic, and a little dark. A blend of Robert Burns and Edgar Allan Poe (imagine if they'd had the chance to sit down to dinner together).All very interesting, I hear you say, but get back to the fucking story!!The story combines all my favourite elements - intrigue, two starkly different main characters, a story to keep me turning the pages, tension, heat, lust, and a satisfying resolution (I don't want to see the end coming - and I didn't - but when I get there, I want to experience those Oh! and Ah! moments - and I did).I like to summarise a story in one word - engrossing.Needless to say, I ploughed straight into part 2 ...Alp

  • Suze
    2019-11-20 05:38

    Well, the author does have a disclaimer at the start about not having been to Scotland despite being a huge fan and for me (British, but not Scottish) it was obvious. The dialogue felt a bit twee at times for two men in their 20’s and at times too descriptive/flowery for me.We then spent quite a while dancing around their mutual attraction and their secrets, considering it probably only took an elapsed overnight.This is book 1 and definitely a scene setter - looking forward to more meat in book 2.

  • Maggie
    2019-11-24 08:24

    Rating 3.5-3.75

  • Angel Pedroza
    2019-11-17 08:37

    Erotic, poetic and a wonderful story with lovely engaging main characters. I am looking forward to the second novella.

  • DTM
    2019-11-21 10:40

    My first book by this author and I absolutely loved it. I just found there is going to be a sequel!!! I can not wait!!

  • Rob Damon
    2019-12-05 12:33

    Very intriguing sexy novella. Perfect for a bedtime read....