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Gerard Woodward tipe suami idaman Leah - tampan, berkuasa, dan kaya raya. Sampai suatu malam Leah tak sengaja mendengar Gerard sesungguhnya tidak mencintainya. Leah memutuskan untuk meninggalkan suaminya.Enam bulan kemudian tak disangka-sangka ia bertemu kembali dengan suaminya. Atau, begitulah yang Leah kira. Pria itu berwajah mirip suaminya, bahkan bercinta mirip suaminyGerard Woodward tipe suami idaman Leah - tampan, berkuasa, dan kaya raya. Sampai suatu malam Leah tak sengaja mendengar Gerard sesungguhnya tidak mencintainya. Leah memutuskan untuk meninggalkan suaminya.Enam bulan kemudian tak disangka-sangka ia bertemu kembali dengan suaminya. Atau, begitulah yang Leah kira. Pria itu berwajah mirip suaminya, bahkan bercinta mirip suaminya. Tetapi pria itu berkeras dia bukan suami Leah, melainkan saudara kembarnya!...

Title : Fugitive Bride - Mencari Mempelai yang Hilang
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ISBN : 9789792211610
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 232 Pages
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Fugitive Bride - Mencari Mempelai yang Hilang Reviews

  • seton
    2019-11-24 14:16

    Without going into spoilers, I'll say that I dont like stories where the H totally manipulates the heroine and plays her for a fool, even in the name of Twu Wub. I also dont like it when the h shags all the family members.

  • Lu Bielefeld **
    2019-11-19 20:30

    dumb heroine who is deluded by the hero who poses as a supposed twin brother.

  • Romance_reader
    2019-12-02 22:33

    mostly undecided about how to rate this book. It was fun in some parts and downright creepy in others. Leah (the h) is estranged from her husband Gerard, but hasn't had the courage to ask for a divorce in six months. Instead, she works on a tourist boat (or similar) in different part of Australia, hoping to never get discovered by her ex. Here, she meets her husband's 'twin' Gareth and finds herself falling for him. And that's where it really creeped me out. The fact that she's constantly comparing the new guy to Gerard- even when they're making love- though, she's professed to hating him. So even though, she's not completely over her hubby, she has no compunctions getting it on with someone else, even as she thinks of her ex. It was a bit much for me. Granted, Leah is very young; she comes across as a flighty and fanciful female in this book. And the hero Gerard, is only marginally better with almost 'schizophrenic' tendencies. However, the book itself wasn't a complete disaster, owing to the author's writing style and so definitely worth a couple of stars. But is it a keeper? Methinks not.

  • Lorrane Gloriya
    2019-12-01 14:29

    To be frank I don't like the story.

  • Susanna McAuley
    2019-11-10 20:21

    I'm generously granting 2 stars solely based on Gerard's character and plan, which didn't even come to volition. I bought the book with the desire that she'd end up with Gerard, and ideally looking for something akin to the movie 'Enough' with Jennifer Lopez, but with romance. To begin with, six months is not a long enough time, in my mind, for a scar to become old. When she regarded it as such, I assumed that it had been there many years, and thus, couldn't really argue the fact that Gareth was simply a twin. Which completely ruined 90% of this book for me;Every scene with Gareth I sped through, every kiss scene I skipped because I couldn't get past the disgust that she was cheating on her 'beloved' husband with his brother. It also aggravated me to no relief that she supposedly adored her husband yet she couldn't resist his twin, simply because he looked so much like her betrothed, this completely invalidated her love for Gerard. I'd like to think that if I had an identical twin, my would-be husband wouldn't lust after her just because she shared my appearance and wore the same perfume. Not to mention she was cheating on her husband (view spoiler)[even though they were one and the same, in her mind she was having an affair (hide spoiler)], content to divorce him at some point in the future. Yet she has the gall to blame and villainize Gerard for one offhand, broad comment about marriage, which effected her so much she just had to up and run away. She was a vile, idiotic, hypocrite. Not only did she destroy the illusion of her love for Gerard, she also didn't love Gareth, at all, ever. She based all of her attraction on his being the opposite to Gerard and therefore didn't love him for who he was, instead she loved him for who he wasn't. Every quality she liked about him either came directly or in aversion to Gerard's own traits. (view spoiler)[If Gareth had been his own person, he would have gotten the short end of the stick. (hide spoiler)]The only parts of this story that I genuinely enjoyed, was the introduction to Gerard in the first few pages and the conclusion, with Gerard. I thought that his initial scheme (view spoiler)[to have her become pregnant with Gareth and then, when she came to him (Gerard) for a divorce, reveal that he and Gareth were the same person and she was bound to him indefinitely because of the baby (hide spoiler)] would have made for a much more interesting ending. Honestly, this was a wasted opportunity;The novel should have dedicated a third of the time initiating the relationship with Gareth, having her fall for him because he is his own, brilliant man, instead of because he's a good replacement for her husband. She would get pregnant and the rest of the book would carry out Gerard's plot and her reactions to it.

  • Nikita (NjKinny's World of Books & Stuff)
    2019-12-02 21:20

    "Fugitive bride" by Miranda Lee revolves around Leah , an innocent and naive girl who marries Gerard Woodward, who is everything a woman dreams of - powerful, wealthy and handsome. Theirs is a perfect marriage with Gerard showering her with gifts and every material facilities available while Leah is the loyal and loving young wife. All seems fair and beautiful until one evening Leah hears her husband's views on marriage and love.Devastated and feeling cheated, she decides to run far far away from her husband. Gerard, who is overconfident of his seducing skills is shocked when Leah leaves.Six months later the fugitive bride comes face to face with her husband but surprisingly things are not as simple as they seem...Can she face the man who cheated her into a false marriage feigning love to her and from whom she is running? Can she overcome his influence and tell him that she knows everything?Miranda Lee creates a unique story with passionate sequences, fiery conflicts and sultry scenes.I simply loved the story and the passion between Leah and Gerard sears you with its intensity. The love and betrayal felt by Leah is stunningly portrayed by Miranda who makes the reader one with the heroine's plight.This review is also available on my blog visit my blog for more reviews. :)

  • IamGamz
    2019-11-17 22:27

    Two and a half Stars for this one ✨ Why would a grown man pretend to be someone else to win over his runaway wife?! Why not just man up and say “I was an ass, please forgive me. Let’s fix our marriage?” The entire premise of this book was absurd. It was a well written story. The characters idiotically interesting. But the damn concept had me questioning the author’s sanity through the entire book. Yes, I finished it cause I needed to know how the hell this mess turned out. It was ok. It was sometimes amusing. It was “meh”.

  • Se Mcgregor
    2019-11-11 21:12

    3.5 stars. Hit and miss with this author but I was surprised with this book. Very, very different to her other work. I enjoyed it!

  • MissKitty
    2019-11-27 21:10

    SPOILERS SPOILERS - be warned.I must confess, I read the other reader reviews beforehand so I already knew about the major spoiler coming in. I must admit that it influenced how I read the book. So because I did that, I already know that....there is no twin brother. The heroine leaves her husband since she overheard him speaking to a friend of his, basically admitting that he didn't love her and was merely manipulating her, since she was young, in love and malleable.Six months later, while she is working in another town, her brother in law, "identical twin" of her husband (whom she has never met) shows up. She falls in love with him, since he looks exactly like her husband but embodies all the qualities she admires, totally different from her ruthless manipulative husband. They start an affair, even if she is not divorced yet.She finally goes to confront her husband and ask for a divorce, then finds out it was all a scam. The "twin" brother was her husband all along.Actually, I did find it despicable how he tricked her this way, I don't even know why the author used the "evil twin" plot device. The erring husband could just as easily have tried to make amends and win her heart as himself.....but whatever, maybe we wouldn't have had a story.Knowing this it colored my reading of the story, since I didn't really feel the conflict the heroine was going through in cheating her husband. It also influenced how I responded to the courtship, knowing that the guy was really her husband.Author's explanation; the husband wanted to turn himself into a better man for his wife and wanted her to fall in love with him all over again. At the same time, turning her into a cheating adulteress!!! I don't get it.

  • Mudpie
    2019-11-18 19:31

    3.5* rounded up to 4*SPOILERS ALERT! ! ! But honestly if you cannot see through the plot...LOLGerard's ploy was so asinine and daring it made me LOL just like Leah did haha!I REALLY didn't like it that he made love to Leah without coming clean...and for Leah to sleep with her husband's 'brother'...icky. But Gareth was the one who kept harping on her to forget Gerard since she's determined to divorce the latter.Gerard was pretty much an a$$ in the beginning but what he did after showed a man desperately in love with his wife he thought he'd lost for good. Nothing short of pure desperation would make a man like he was come up with such a ridiculous plan to just have a chance to woo Leah again.Gareth was indeed the perfect man and Leah was right to say if only she had met him first...but without Gerard there'd be no Gareth and vice versa...I'm surprised I liked this 1998 book so much. It does seem a bit dated because Leah had to run out of the house to use a payphone down the road! It's now 2017 most people have mobile phones! Then again it's in Australia so I love reading about local areas.

  • Charlie
    2019-12-03 19:27

    This is not my first time reading this I had the paperback many moons ago and read it more than once. Rereading it now that in allegedly all grown up I can see how implausible it is to pretend to be your own twin and for your wife who hates you to have an affair with said twin but man I loved it back in the day. Maybe my sentimental feelings for the book mean I can't score it lower but it really was a guilty pleasure. Our H is a real idiot before the wife ran off and his lying doesn't help but if we can forget that he actually tries hard to win his wife back and thank goodness he wasn't a cheater during there separation which I dislike when married.The h sucks it up and grows a spine during the separation and really lets rip but I find it hard to believe she believed his twin lies and was happy to shack up with him and try for a baby after about a day! Great last chapter/epilogue with the HEA though

  • Leyns
    2019-11-13 16:30

    I liked the letter - “may God forgive you because I never will” (or something along those lines) definitely caught my attention. However, I really wasn’t a fan of how the hero and heroine got back together. Was the heroine really that gullible? And why was she okay with hooking up with her husbands twin brother? Ew.

  • Cyndi Dorsey
    2019-11-13 14:21


  • Gramedia Pustaka Utama
    2019-11-22 14:30

    Buku ini... gimana ya? Pas baca, ceritanya aneh buat saya. Anyway anyhow, Leah kabur dari rumah suaminya setelah tidak sengaja mendengar suaminya berkata bahwa Gerrard tidak mencintai Leah, Setelah kabur, Leah bekerja di kapal pesiar. Di kapal pesiar itulah Leah bertemu dengan seseorang yang sangat mirip dengan suaminya. Pria tersebut mengaku bernama Gareth, saudara kembar Gerrard. Perbedaan signifikan dari kedua orang ini adalah ada parut/bekas luka di muka Gareth.Gareth bercerita bahwa Gerrard, sangat kehilangan Leah. Tapi Leah yang terlanjur sakit hati terhadap Gerrard, menolak kembali pada suaminya. Pertemanan mereka berkembang menjadi perasaan cinta di hati Leah. Dan Gareth pun jatuh hati pada Leah.Siapa yang sangka bahwa sebenarnya tidak ada saudara kembar, bahwa Gareth adalah Gerrard sendiri, hanya saja dia mengalami kecelakaan yang menyebabkan parut luka di mukanya.

  • Yulia Anggraini
    2019-11-14 18:06

    Ceritax agak g biasa...Dri awal aq yakin pria yg mngaku2 bukan suami leah tp kembaranx,stelah 6bulan bpisah it emang benar suamix...Tp bukti n fakta mngatakn tidak...Ap lg waktu gareth kembaran gerard,suami leah m'perlihatkn bukti fisik/tanda dbadanx yg tdk ad pada gerard...Tp yg mbwt aq ttp g pcaya klw it kembaranx yaitu pertanyan2 yg gareth ajukan ttg ap yg salah d dalam perkawinan saudara kembarx...Seakan2 dy ingin memperbaiki ap yg salah it,ingin tw kenapa leah tidak bahagia... Ekspresi gereth bener2 merana wktu dy mkìr leah punya affair dgn bosx...Ebat ni gerard ap pun akan dy lakukan utk mendpatkn lgi istri yg sangat dcintaix it...Semua orang it bsa brubah ap lg klw yg sudah k'ilangan orang/sesuatu yg sangat b'harga bagix.... Luv gerard...He3h...

  • Brilliant Hermione
    2019-12-02 21:30

    Salah satu novel Harlequin lama yang butuh usaha keras untuk mendapatkannya. Hasilnya, saya benar-benar puas, tidak percuma buang-buang uang, tenaga dan pulsa internet untuk menguprek-uprek online shop demi novel ini.Ceritanya bagus, sederhana tapi terjalin memikat. Btw, out of topic sedikit, kadang-kadang suka heran sama pembaca yang mengkritik gaya romansa Harlequin yang katanya dangkal-lah, singkat-lah. Well, hello ladies and gentlemen, namanya juga Harlequin, tak jauh bedanya dengan serial cantik yang gampang ditebak. Nikmati Harlequin dengan hati lapang okeh, jauhkan segala harapan tentang percintaan rumit atau alur cerita dahsyat yang biasa terangkum di novel suspense^^

  • Sorcha
    2019-11-19 19:17

    Standard M&B dare, read in an afternoon.[return][return]He: career driven man, viewing marriage as a business transaction[return][return]She: naive 19year old, who after 9 months of marriage, gets a rude awakening as to how her husband sees marriage, and escapes. 6 months later, and his previously unknown - and completely different - identical twin brother hires the boat she is working on and she falls in love/lust again. Only to find out the truth....

  • Deasy
    2019-11-30 15:06

    Ga tau mood aku yang jelek... ga tau emang buku ini kurang menarik.... Ga bisa komen banyak deh.. bacanya aja sambil terheran-heran, lho kok bisa kayak gitu... ga kenal suami sendiri? Jadinya buatku buku ini non sense...Tadinya mau kasih rating 1.5 tapi karena gr ga ada 1.5, yah sudah aku masukin 2 aja deh. Kalo 1 kesannya kejam yah heheheh...^.*

  • Melania Ramona
    2019-12-01 21:32

    It was pretty entertaining... once I left half my brain sleeping while I read the book. She could just have asked for his identity card, no? But I liked the writing, even if I wasn't so fond of the plot. 2.5 stars

  • elstaffe
    2019-11-13 15:32

    Two stars instead of one because of the crack. I mean, it is HP, so I wasn't surprised by the turn of events, but still...pretty special.

  • Nurkomaladewipurnama
    2019-11-30 21:22


  • Samatha Delancy
    2019-12-05 16:21

    oh this was a good on. it let see what a man would do to get what the wanted. give it a read you'll like it to.